USA Cricket

Posted by jason mellet on 19th Apr 2016

USA Cricket

Cricket Store Online has gone to the lengths of preparing a list of what would make great buys for this cricket season. It is obviously worth taking into consideration that it is worth finding out what is best for the level of cricket that you will be playing. The needs of a tape ball cricketer are not the same as a purpose of somebody who would be playing hard leather ball cricket.

USA Cricket

We will focus on the average Sunday league cricketer. First and foremost a great cricket bat for this season is the  Kookaburra Onyx 700 cricket bat. This is one of Kookaburra's newest bats and it is supremely well designed. Used for a while by Glenn Maxwell, the bat has high durability and also very high performance.

It always looks professional when you have matching equipment, we therefore recommend in this package to buy the  Kookaburra Onyx PRO Batting Pads. Again top level protective quality and amazing touches to ensure a high performing cricket pad.

In keeping with the Kookaburra Onyx range of cricket gear, the  Kookaburra Onyx 200 cricket gloves would be a fantastic choice. Aside from the comfort, breathability and protection, these are one of the most aesthetically pleasing cricket gloves in the world.

The helmet which would be a good mid range buy would be the  GM Icon GEO cricket helmet. The cricket helmet is approved by the BSI's latest standards for protective head gear.

This package is all available from Cricket Store Online and at the best prices in the USA.