UK Cricket Helmet Testing

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 4th Nov 2016

UK Cricket Helmet Testing

UK Cricket Helmet Testing

Cricket Helmets have come under a lot of scrutiny in recent times. It is no wonder that the Bureau of Standards have issued new guidelines on cricket helmets, because of their new testing. The biggest factor in the latest test conducted were to ensure that the helmet can withstand a cricket ball at high speed to the grille without getting passed the grille. It also tested junior, 4 and a half ounce cricket balls, separately to senior sized 5 and a half ounce balls. A comprehensive list of cricket helmets that met the standards was supplied and those compatible are marked with the following, BS7928:2013.

These are the helmets that met the standards when it comes to senior cricket helmets.

Masuri Cricket Helmets

Masuri are of course a company dedicated specifically to helmets and it is no wonder that there products feature on this list, they are the Vision Series Elite Titanium, the Vision Series Elite Steel the Vision Series Test Titanium and the Vision Series Test Steel. It is quite clear that Masuri is as good as it gets for safety.  View here.

GM Cricket Helmets

Like Gray Nicolls, GM had three of their helmets approved for senior use. These were the GM Icon GEO Senior Large helmet, the Icin GEO Senior and the Icon GEO Senior Small. It is important to note from above as to how specific these testings were.  View Here.

Kookaburra Cricket Helmets

Yet another of the big cricket brands who had their helmets tested. The PRO 400 Senior, the Viper Senior and PRO 800 Senior were all approved.  View Here.

Reader and Slazenger Cricket Helmets

Reader and Slazenger also had their top of the line helmets approved for senior cricket use.

Shrey Cricket Helmets

The new big kid on the cricket helmet block had a very strong showing. These were helmets that were approved:

Master Class AIR Titanium

Pro Guard AIR Titanium

Master Class AIR Stainless Steel

Pro Guard AIR Stainless Steel

Armor Senior Steel

Performance Senior Steel

View Here

Gray Nicolls Cricket Helmets

Gray Nicolls had a strong showing too with the 3 of their helmets being approved for senior cricket use, they were the Atomic Helmet, Test Opener Helmet and Omega XRD.

View Here

Where is Albion?

Albion for the longest while has been a huge player in the cricket helmet market and none of their helmets are listed. There has also been a steady decline in players using Albion helmets. Most notably, there has been a loss of sponsorship to the Australian cricket team.

Stem Guards

When it comes to Stem Guards for your cricket helmets, it is important to note that only Masuri, Gunn & Moore & Shrey has manufactured a Stem Guard system. GM's new Neck Protect system is one of the new ones.This has not been tested under the above test.

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