TYKA | Cricket Shoes

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 19th Apr 2022

TYKA | Cricket Shoes

TYKA Cricket Shoes- the best shoes to suit every cricketer’s needs

Are you considering buying a new pair of cricket shoes? Well, many reputed sports goods manufacturers make quality cricket shoes. Brands such as Adidas, Kookaburra, Payntr, and TYKA are renowned for their top-quality cricket shoes. But it’s not just the brand that you should look for; you need to understand the structure of your feet. Your gait plays an important role in choosing the right shoe. Your feet structure and your gait would decide what shape and size of a shoe would be best suited to you. Also, the material used in making the shoe- the sole, the inner layers, the tongue, etc. is crucial. This article discusses how to choose the right shoe and why TYKA Cricket Shoes are the preferred choice of many budding and established cricketers.

A cricketer has many roles to play, that of a batsman, a bowler, a fielder, and a keeper. The shoe requirement of each one of them is different. You need to have clarity on the kind of shoe you would need depending on the role you have to play. It’s very important to know the purpose of the shoe. Some other factors that need to be considered while buying a shoe are:

  • The kind of surface you are playing on- turf or a matting wicket.
  • Whether the outfield is dry and hard or soft and full of grass.
  • Whether you are a batsman, a keeper, or an outfielder.


The Importance of Having the Right Shoe

As in any other sport that involves a lot of running, your feet are the most overworked part of your body. Whether you are a batsman, a bowler, or a fielder, you have to keep running all the time. The feet take the maximum load in cricket, and therefore, need to be protected. Picking the right pair of shoes for the different roles you play in a game is of utmost importance. Injuries, especially of the feet, are quite common in cricket- a twisted ankle, calf strain, hamstring, etc. Wrong or faulty shoes can even cause stress fracture of the shin and sometimes back strain as well. Therefore, to feel comfortable and minimize the chances of any injury, you must always wear the right pair of shoes. It goes a long way in lengthening your cricketing life. TYKA understands the importance of having the right shoe and makes its shoes to make you comfortable on the field.


The Complex Structure of the Feet and Some Common Injuries in Cricket

The feet are the lowest part of our body and, therefore, take an entire load of our body weight. The shape, size, and strength of our feet determine how we walk, run, or sprint. Different people have different types of feet and, therefore, have different shoe requirements. The structure of our feet is very complex with multiple bones, ligaments, and tendons. Some people have naturally arched feet, whereas some others have flat feet. However, in both cases, the risk of getting injured is the same. The stress and the pressure that the feet endure during running, diving, and sliding increase the chances of injury. The ankle is the most vulnerable part of our feet that needs to be taken extra care of. However, the knee, hips, back, and shoulder are all affected by the pressure exerted on the feet while playing cricket.

Understanding your gait and your running style should be an important consideration while buying new shoes. The gait is typically divided into three categories- neutral, over pronated, and under pronated. Non-neutral gait causes an unusually high load on our body, increasing the chances of serious injuries. Some of the common injuries that occur in cricketers who play the game over a long period are:

  • Stress Fractures – Calcaneal and Shin.
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (in individuals with flat feet)
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis (inflammation of the fibrous tissue along the bottom of your foot that connects your heel bone to the toes), etc.


The Objective of a Cricket Shoe

Till now, we have learned about the different structures of our feet and the different kinds of injuries related to them. Let’s now try to understand the real purpose of a cricket shoe, and why it should be an important consideration while buying a new shoe.

Before buying a new pair of shoes, it is important to know what you would be using the shoe for. A cricketer has to play different roles during a game, and the shoe requirements are different for different positions. You generate a force of different magnitudes as a bowler, a batsman, a fielder, and a keeper. Whatever you do on a cricket field, one thing is certain, you have to do a lot of running. And not just running, you have to sprint, slide, dive, twist and turn, etc. All these activities put a lot of strain on your feet, especially the ankles.

It is, therefore, important to know where and how you would be using the shoes. Knowing the kind of surface you would be playing on- matting or turf is crucial. You have to have different types of soles- densely pimpled or with studs for the two surfaces. The shoes should have proper cushioning for the heels and the insoles should be made of soft shock-absorbing material. And above all, the shoes must fit perfectly on your feet. The moot point is that the shoes should be able to absorb as much shock as possible and prevent slipping. A lot of injuries occur because of improper grip resulting in slipping and twisting of the ankle.


Cricket Shoes

We have discussed a lot about the right shoes, the feet structures, common injuries, the purpose of a shoe, etc. Now let’s talk about top-quality cricket shoes. Many international brands make high-class cricket shoes to suit every cricketing requirement. Whether you are a bowler or a batsman, whether you play indoors or outdoors, there is a shoe for every need. However, we will limit our discussion to TYKA Cricket Shoes, a top international brand from India.


TYKA Sports

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Jalandhar, India, TYKA shoes are made by TYKA Sports Private Limited. It is a fairly new entrant in the sports goods manufacturing business. Besides manufacturing sports equipment, apparel, and athletic and recreational products, TYKA is renowned for its international class cricket shoes. For a long, TYKA had been manufacturing Hockey and Cricket gear but shot into prominence when it got associated with Kings XI Punjab. It is also associated with Chennaiyin FC, an Indian Super League Franchise. TYKA Sports has slowly but steadily spread its wings in the country and across the world. It serves many State Cricket Teams in the country as well as the National Hockey teams, both men and women.

TYKA Cricket Shoes

TYKA Sports makes top-quality cricket shoes that cater to domestic and international markets. Unlike many other shoe manufacturers who usually source their shoes from china, TYKA makes its shoes in its own factory. Whether you are a beginner, a club-level player, or an established professional, you can always find a TYKA shoe to suit your requirements. TYKA makes shoes for all ground conditions and all feet types. Also, whether you are a batsman, a bowler, or a keeper/outfielder, there is a TYKA shoe for you.

The material used in the making of TYKA cricket shoes is of the top international quality, either TPU or PU. TPU is slightly more expensive than PU but is more sturdy and also, water-resistant. TPU is suitable for the US and other North American conditions. In the US, people generally play cricket early morning when there is a lot of due which makes the shoes really wet. Also, in the early and later part of the season, the ground conditions are quite wet, so water-resistant shoes are a must.

TYKA uses TPU for the front upper of the shoes to make them water-resistant. If water seeps inside the shoe, it doesn’t stay there but drips out keeping the shoe dry all the time. The toe protector is inserted with extra material to provide enhanced protection. The shoes have nice high heel support. The inside of the shoe is pretty soft, much like a memory foam type of cushioning. The soft inner makes you feel very comfortable while walking or running. Because of the TPU upper, the shoe may feel a bit hard and tight initially, but it gradually loosens up. The Phylon soles have a lot of pimples to ensure proper grip and better traction. The top-quality materials used in the shoes make them quite flexible. TYKA makes cricket shoes for both adults and juniors. The adult shoes have a wider toe as compared to junior shoes so that the feet don’t feel cramped up.

Click the following link to learn more about TYKA Cricket Shoes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD6pRnCckQY&t=16s.


The Durability of TYKA Cricket Shoes

One important consideration when you go out to buy a new pair of shoes is their durability and lifespan. The top-class material used in the TYKA shoes makes them very sturdy and durable. Typically, a TYKA shoe should last for a year or so, if used for 6 to 8 hours a day. However, the shape of your feet and your gait also affect the life of a shoe. Shoe life is more for people with a neutral gait. Over pronated or under pronated gait causes more wear and tear on the inside and outside of the heels reducing the shoe life. Properly tied right shoelaces not only increase their lifespan but also reduce the risk of injuries. Scientifically designed TYKA shoes made of top quality material ensure less wear and tear making them highly durable.

Some of the more popular TYKA Cricket Shoes available in the US are listed below.

TYKA Pitch Cricket Shoes

https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-3954e/images/stencil/1280x1280/products/12576/20889/3__01433.1646669892.jpg?c=2TYKA PITCH (White & Red) Cricket Shoes - 2022

These are lightweight and very comfortable cricket shoes. The moulded TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) heel cup keeps the foot in place for additional comfort, support, and stability. The Phylon soles of the shoes with high-quality rubber studs ensure proper grip, safety, and stability. The shoes have wide toes with enhanced protection and the heels have a perforated TU grip. The TPU upper ensures water resistance and negates the damaging effects of dew and wet outfield. The shoes have stroble construction and are designed to provide maximum traction. These amazingly lightweight shoes give a top-class performance every time you wear them on a cricket field.

The TYKA Pitch Cricket Shoes come in two colour combinations- White & Red and White & Neon Green.

TYKA Stunner Cricket Shoes


These are lightweight, optimally ventilated, very comfortable cricket shoes that deliver amazingly high performance. The inner is made of 1.2 mm abrasion-proof imported synthetic PU and has 4mm 320 GSM air mesh for proper ventilation. The phylon soles are fitted with high-quality rubber studs. The shoes have perforated PU heel grip and TPU moulded stiffener. The shoes also have 60D anti UV foam. The stroble construction ensures higher durability and amazingly lightweight performance. The shoes are available in the colour combination of White & Navy.

TYKA Champ Junior Cricket Shoes

Meant for junior cricketers, these are extremely comfortable, high-performing, lightweight cricket shoes. The shoes have Phylon soles fitted with high-quality full rubber studs. Stroble construction and perforated PU heel grip provide maximum traction. The shoes come in three colour combinations.


White & Blue


White and Yellow

TYKA CHAMP Junior (White & Yellow) Cricket Shoes - 2022

White & Red



In this article, we have tried to explain our feet structure and some common injuries that result from faulty footwear. We also explained what to look for in a cricket shoe so that injuries are minimized. Many international sports good brands make cricket shoes, and TYKA Cricket Shoes are among the best that money can buy. They are lightweight, provide stable support, and are extremely comfortable on your feet. The shoes are made from the best, international quality material and are specially designed to fit every foot's structure. TYKA has a shoe for every requirement on a cricket field. Whether you are a bowler, a batsman, or a keeper/fielder, you can always find the right TYKA cricket shoe. TYKA makes shoes for adults as well as juniors, for outdoor and indoor play. So don’t wait, visit the CSO website and buy the right TYKA Cricket Shoe and embark upon your cricketing journey.