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Posted by Cricket Store Online on 25th Feb 2022

The 2022 Range of New Balance Cricket Bats | Cricket Store Online

The 2022 Range of New Balance Cricket Bats

Looking to take your game to the next level with a bat that can give you those elegant strokes and much-needed runs? - Well, the New Balance 2022 range of high-quality cricket bats is here that will give you exactly what you need as a batter.

Renowned batters like Steve Smith, Rory Burns, and Joe Root have shown their continuous endorsement of New Balance bats. The ‘Original Players’ series models are named after these big names in world cricket.

In this read, we will talk about the ‘bat line-up’ that New Balance has to offer in 2022. So let’s get on with it!

New Balance Burn Original Players Cricket Bat 2022 (No Discount)

Player Endorsement

Rory Burns has been using this model for the past few years and have enjoyed fair amount of success in country cricket. 

Larger Sweet Spot, Better Timing.

If you’re a batter who likes a relatively larger ‘sweet spot’ that is more towards the lower side of the bat, this one's for you! 

The New Balance Burn Original Players series has the right weight, blade profile and is made from premium quality Grade 1+ English Willow. The short-handle, oval-shaped grip and mid-to-low sweet spot gives you immense control, timing and adequate power that you need to middle the ball almost every time.

However, this one comes with a higher price tag, so if you’re in the market with a tight budget, you might want to look at other options.

New Balance Burn 560+ Cricket Bat 2022

The Burn 560+ is a great option for those who are looking to get a nice piece of willow at an affordable price. This bat will cost your under $200, making it a perfect choice considering that you’re still experimenting with your batting equipment at school or club level.

Find Your Perfect Timing

Using Grade-5 English Willow, the Burn 560+ will give you comparatively larger edges and that perfect spot that you need to middle the ball, regardless of what conditions you’re in. The weight is neither too heavy nor too light, making it a good option with diversified shot range in their batting arsenal.

The handle sits perfectly inside your gloves for that ultimate grip each time you strike the ball aiming for that perfect timing.

New Balance Burn + Cricket Bat 2022


Starting at under $300, the New Balance Burn+ is a mid-range cricket bat that uses Grade-3 English Willow with a profile similar to the Burn 560+ series.

Less Effort, More Power and Timing

It has large edges and a relatively bigger mid-to-low sweet spot that helps batters to middle the ball requiring relatively lesser effort or precision, compared to bats with a smaller sweet spot. Also, players who like to play the ball late like Joe Root or Babar Azam, usually have a higher tendency to get thick or faint edges through to the keeper and the slips.

Bats with large edges can reduce the frequency of edging the ball, considering that you’ve had enough practice with your piece of willow in the nets.

New Balance TC 1260 Cricket Bat 2022


Made from Grade 1+ English Willow, the TC 1260 series is widely known for its high sweet spot - around 250mm from the bottom of the bat. This makes it a perfect option for batters who like to play those horizontally inclined shots - the way Joe Root or Marnus Labuschagne do.

Horizontal Shot Lovers

The combination of a higher sweet spot, a semi-oval shaped and 6-piece Singapore Cane handle works great for horizontal shot selection, specifically on fast or bouncy tracks as we see in South Africa or Australia.

The slightly concave and semi-rounded bat shape makes sure the batter is able to have a more often sweet connection with the bat.

New Balance TC 1260 Original Players Cricket Bat 2022 (No Discount)

Player Endorsement

Starting at $749, the TC 1260 Original Players is the model endorsed and used by Joe Root since the past couple of years.

Why Should You Get This Bat?

If you’re a cricket lover, you would know the versatility and the profound shot range the current red-ball England captain has. Having scored plenty of runs at will all around the world, Joe Root has been widely regarded as one of the best middle order batters England has ever produced. The New Balance TC 1260 has worked out perfect for him ever since he’s endorsed this piece of willow.

With a mid-swell and large edges, the TC 1260 Original Players series gives the same sweet-spot connection as the TC 1260 does. However, this bat is also on the costlier side.

New Balance DC 740+ Cricket Bat 2022


The DC 740+ is made using SH Grade 3 willow, has an oval-shaped handle and the sweet spot is more towards the mid-to-low section of the bat.

Good Price, Fair Timing

Having the same weight as most of the other New Balance 2022 bats, this is a great option for someone who is not looking to spend a lot of money on a pro-level cricket bat, but still wants to own a piece of willow that has a low swell, relatively larger edges and a decent sweet spot for that perfect timing in majority of shots.

New Balance DC 1280 Cricket Bat 2022


The Right Mid-Range Bat for Club Cricketers

With a relatively higher spine and edges that measure up to 40mm, the New Balance DC 1280 starts at around $450, and is another great short-handle option for those who are looking to ‘up’ their batting skills.

This one is made from SH Grade 1A wood and the perfect stroke-timing can be found at the mid-to-low region of the bat. It has a semi-rounded face and the toe is very natural, a shape that you will see in most of the other New Balance bats.

New Balance DC 1280 Original Players Cricket Bat 2022 (No Discount)


Player Endorsement

Here comes the often talked about piece of willow that is used by one of the modern greats of the game - Steve Smith.

The Perfect Willow Under All Conditions

Made from premium Grade+1 English Willow, the DC 1280 Original Players series offers a lot of control, shot-range versatility and easy maneuverability when it comes to facing quick bowlers on bouncy tracks.

Also, the large edges makes it a perfect choice to use in swinging conditions as well, particularly in English conditions. Considering the huge amount of success that Steve Smith has enjoyed in both white ball or red ball cricket over the years, it is quite safe to say that the DC 1280 Original Players series bat is something that you can’t say no to!

New Balance TC PRO + Cricket Bat 2022


The Right Bat, the Great Endorsement

The New Balance TC Pro+ is another short-handle, slightly concave-shaped bat that suits the batters who like to play with a horizontally inclined angle. This one is made using Grade 1B English Willow, offers a comparatively larger sweet spot and bigger edges, too.

The bat is sold at $390 - a price that is quite affordable, keeping into consideration the other bats in this range, specially those endorsed by top batters from around the world.

Player Endorsement

This is one of the other bats that Joe Root has endorsed and played within recent times.

New Balance DC PRO + Cricket Bat 2022


The Mid-range Bat for All Conditions

With a market price of around $400, the DC Pro+ series is a semi-rounded bat, made from Grade 1B willow and is known for its mid-to-low sweet spot, just like most of the other bats in the 2022 range of New Balance cricket bats.

Whether you’re playing under damp or dry conditions, the high spine and big edges combination will allow you to find your timing rather easily, as compared to bats with smaller edges. It has a standard bow, allowing your hands to move slightly ahead for better stroke-making.

New Balance DC 1070 + Cricket Bat 2022


For the Power-hitters or the Orthodox Strokeplay lovers

The DC 1070+ is a Grade 2 air-dried English Willow that has a quite low profile with minimal concaving. The sweet spot is mid-to-low, just like with most other New Balance bats, offering great control and timing over those front foot drives with both new or old cricket balls.

Whether you’re an aggressive white-ball opener, an orthodox white or red ball middle-order batter or someone who likes to improvise with the shot selection - this bat will serve your needs well.

Player Endorsement

Jason Roy, the famous English batter, uses the DC 1070+ and has achieved massive domestic, international and league success.

New Balance DC 840 + Cricket Bat 2022


The New Balance DC 840+ is carved with Grade-3 English Willow Bat and offers relatively large edges for optimum precision, timing and control. Available in various sizes, this bat is really good for those who love to bat with a horizontally inclined angle.

Thick Edges, More Control

The thick edges combined with a 6-piece Singapore cane handle makes it a really good option in an affordable range. That is correct, this one is sold at $280, making it a go-to choice for young cricketers who are yet to experiment with their batting gear and might not be looking to spend a huge amount of money yet.

New Balance TC 740+ Cricket Bat 2022


Easy on Your Pocket

Another decent willow in the low-to-mid price range, the TC 740+ uses Grade-3 English Willow and offers the same large edges of up to 40mm, as most other New Balance models do.

This one is sold at $260, another affordable option for both junior or pro cricketers playing this beautiful game at any level.

New Balance TC 840+ CRICKET BAT 2022


Player Endorsement

The TC 840+ is another one of the renowned series by New Balance, mainly because this bat is also one of Joe Root’s endorsements, even though this one has a higher sweet spot that requires ultimate precision and skill to time the ball majority of the times.

The Right Willow for Different Conditions

When you are playing with a horizontal bat angle, you have to make sure the ball meets the bat right under the eye, in order to find the sweet spot almost every time you hit the ball.

In addition to this, a much higher sweet spot means that you will feel a lighter pick-up of the bat, making it a better weapon against a quick bowling unit under challenging conditions like we see in South African, Australian or English bowling conditions.

New Balance TC 1050+ CRICKET BAT 2022


Player Endorsement

This bat is another one that Joe Root has used at some point in his successful career so far.

The Right Bat Against Quality Bowling Attack

The TC 1050+ one also comes with a higher sweet spot and is made using Grade 2 English Willow - a piece of wood that New Balance heavily relies upon due to its optimum performance and response that batters from all the major cricketing nations love and enjoy.

It has a semi-rounded shape with a oval handle and large edges - the combination that someone like Joe Root needs when he’s out there on the crease facing the likes of Mitchell Starc, Kagiso Rabada, Jasprit Bumrah or Shaheen Shah Afridi on tracks that could be either flat, grassy or bouncy, offering very little reaction time to the batter.

The More Affordable 2022 New Balance Range

Here are some more options under $200 that you can consider if you want to save on a cricket bat and probably save more to upgrade later on:

Cricket Bat Buying Guide - What to Look For

Here are some factors that should determine which bat you need to let go, and which one you should opt for the next time you’re out in the market to purchase your new bat:

The Weight

One of the most important factors when choosing a cricket bat is its weight. You need to pick a bat that is neither too heavy nor too light, as it will make a lasting impact on your overall batting skills, timing, body weight transfer, wrist flexibility, shot selection and hand-eye coordination.

Also, it is not a walk in the park to make quick adjustments when you change the weight of your bat in quick succession, so it’s better that you know what weight suits your game and stick with it for a long time.

The Shape VS Your Batting Style

Depending on how you approach the game in terms of your mindset, technique and natural skill, you need to select a bat that has the right profile, edges, sweet spot, etc.

For instance, most English players opt for bats that have relatively larger edges mainly due to the swinging conditions that we see over there. In contrast, sub-continent players do not mind smaller edges traded off with a little more weight as the ball doesn’t move around in the air a lot in countries like Pakistan, India or Sri Lanka.

In addition to this, it also depends on your foot movement and from what part of the crease you like to strike the ball. If you tend to stay on back foot and like to play the ball as late as possible, then bats with a mid-to-high sweet spot might be more suitable for you. On the other hand, if you have a long, natural stride playing those front-foot drives, go for a bat that gives you a mid-to-low sweet spot.

The Willow Grade

Among the 5 Grades of willow that is used for making professional cricket bats, Grade 1 (8-10 grains) is considered to be the best in terms of strokeplay, power and control. Grade 5 is 4-5 grains and has more blemishes on the face that might not give you the amount of timing and power that you are looking for as a batter.

And Finally… the Price

This is probably going to be the deciding factor - quite understandably.

There is no rule that says buying an expensive piece of wood means you will be Virat Kohli or Kane Williamson someday. Any professional cricketer will never advise you to spend your hard-earned bucks on equipment that you are not aware of, or haven’t researched about. As a batter, knowing your game is probably more important than worrying too much about the price.

If you’re a junior who still has a long way to go in professional cricket, we recommend to start with lower priced cricket bats and then upgrade later on, once you know your batting style, strengths and weaknesses, natural abilities and all that your coach tells you when you’re practicing.

So get your hands on your next cricket bat today… See you in the nets!