​Texas Leagues Join ACF

Posted by jason mellet on 2nd Feb 2015

​Texas Leagues Join ACF

Texas Leagues Join ACF

The American Cricket Federation is pleased to welcome the North Texas Cricket Association and the Dallas Cricket League as new members. These two large Texas leagues will compete in the new Texas Division of the Newbery American Cricket Champions League, the national domestic cricket league of the United States. ACF CEO Jamie Harrison visited with the two leagues this past weekend, and was honored to receive their decisions to join ACF.

The North Texas Cricket Association, one of the most prominent and prestigious leagues in the USA, boasts 48 teams with over 800 members, playing in four divisions on 18 cricket grounds. One such facility has 7 cricket fields in a single park! The association is governed by an executive committee which is elected every two years; in December, a new executive committee was elected, led by Syed Shahanawaz, who was one of five individuals presented medals of honor by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2009 for significant contributions to the game in the USA.

The NTCA has hosted several national, regional and international youth events, and was recognized by the ICC in 2004 for best “Development Program” in the entire America’s Region. NTCA players make regular appearances on the USA national team roster, and the league operates the Dallas Premier League, which was introduced in 2011.

"I am glad our clubs were able to directly hear from Jamie Harrison regarding ACF,” said Shahanawaz. "NTCA is very keen to have more opportunities to play competitive cricket. As part of our membership with ACF, I am looking forward to such opportunities in the near future.”

The Dallas Cricket League also upholds the shining legacy of Texas cricket with 25 hardball teams, another 40 playing tapeball, two women’s teams, and a thriving youth league with 12 teams through five separate age groups. Last year, the DCL hosted the first-ever National Youth Cricket League Tournament, unleashing its army of volunteers to pull off this massive event. In the past, DCL has hosted youth selection trials and it continues to work in area school districts such as Garland, Mesquite, Denton and Coppell.

With over 750 games per year, and 1000 men, women and youth players, the DCL is a powerful force for cricket in Texas. Kuljit Singh Nijjar is its president.

"ACF is an up and coming organization with whom we believe an association would be fruitful for the cricketing community in our region, and also helping ACF to promote cricket in USA,” said Nijjar. "We are happy to be a part of ACF in defining the path for the future of cricket in the USA."

“We are thrilled to have these important Texas leagues join the ACF family,” said CEO Jamie Harrison. “When I visited them in Dallas, I was overwhelmed by the warmth and support I felt, and the depth of commitment I sensed to changing the trajectory of cricket in the United States.

“I’m sure that the Texas Division will soon become a hotbed for top-quality cricket in America, just as I’m sure that the tradition of Texans in the national side will continue into the future. The strength that Texas brings to our organization can’t be understated. These are exciting times.”