Strange Batting Pads. Morrant. Part 3 of series

Posted by jason mellet on 31st Jul 2014

Strange Batting Pads. Morrant. Part 3 of series

Strange Batting Pads. Morrant. Part 3 of series

When designing batting pads, manufacturers seem to forget its sole purpose. Protection. There are many pads out there that sacrifice durability and effectiveness for style and pleasure. The Morrant batting pads have gone back-to-basics to give all players protection like no other.

The Morrant batting pads know where protection is needed most and understand that it can't hinder mobility. The high density molded foam padding gives payers confidence to play on the front foot even to the quick bowlers.

These pads are expertly crafted, to enhance the running between wickets because in fact, they only weigh 500 grams which is 200 grams less than its next competitor. Yes, extremely comfortable, flexible and light. No better advocate is four of India's most prolific runs scorers. Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag and captain cool, MS Dhoni. These four stalwarts flay attacks all around the wicket and bat for extended periods with the knowledge of being protected from uneven bounce or misjudgment.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, the home of cricket, the are made to last. They have a life span of 10-12 years without losing an edge on newer pads. Another hidden feature of these protective stalwarts is that they are ambidextrous therefore, unlike others, not discriminating between left or right handed batsmen

As a young cricketer these would not be a first choice as they are not bulky, and again, they are sure to last throughout a career. For the more accustomed batsmen it is a piece of protective gear that is essential.

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