SS TON Platinum Range of Cricket Bats 2022 - Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 11th Sep 2022

SS TON Platinum Range of Cricket Bats 2022 - Review

In this video, Amar shah reviewed the SS Platinum cricket bats. The SS Platinum is available in 4 different ranges, from budget bats to premium quality player profile bats; you can find them all in this range. The clefts for the bat are hand-picked by Dipesh. These top-quality bats are the highest sellers of SS ton cricket bats. The bat has the same profile as Virat Kohli's cricket bat.

The SS TON Platinum series includes the following line-up of bats.

SS Platinum Core 2022

The SS TON PLATINUM CORE is a Grade 3 English willow bat. The bat features a red and black color combination of embossed stickers that gives it an aesthetic look. The high-quality semi-oval handle strengthens the grip and helps to hit huge boundaries with minimum effort. These bats have 5-6 straight grains with a very clean face without any blemishes. The bat weighs around 2.8 lbs to 2.9 lbs.

SS Platinum Classic 2022

The SS Platinum Classic is a grade 2 English Willow bat. With the latest shape and massive concave ton edges, these bats are one of the best bats available in the market in 2022. These bats have 7-8 straight grains. You might see some blemish on the bat, but it doesn't affect the bat's performance as these are Virat Kohli profile bats, so you can rest assured of the performance. This bat weighs 2.8 lbs but is very light in pickup due to that top-quality semi-oval handle.

SS Platinum Elite 2022

These SS Platinum Elites are also Grade 2 English Willow bats. These willows are hand-selected by the people at CSO. The grip on this bat is very comfortable, and the red handle is aesthetically pleasing. Thus, it will end up being your best companion while playing cricket. It has 7-8 nice straight grains with a clean face. The bat has a semi-oval handle and weighs around 2.8 lbs.

SS Platinum Limited Edition 2022

The SS Platinum Limited Edition is a premium Grade 1 English Willow bat. Performance-wise, these bats are very similar to the original players' bats. The low sweet spot makes it a good choice for batters who prefer to hit straight shots. This bat contains 7-9 straight grains and weighs around 2.8-2.10 lbs. Amar checked the ping of the bat and found the ping solid.


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