SS TON DJ BRAVO ORIGINAL BAT 2022- Complete Profile Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 15th Sep 2022

SS TON DJ BRAVO ORIGINAL BAT 2022- Complete Profile Review

In this video, Amar Shah from CricMax reviews the latest original player bat from SS called “SS Ton DJ Bravo Champion.” As suggested by its name, the bat is used by former West Indian skipper and power hitter “DJ Bravo.” Amar reviews two SS Original bats in this video. The main highlights of his review are mentioned below!


SS Ton DJ Bravo champions are Grade 1+ English willow cricket bats made specially keeping in mind the playing style of DJ Bravo himself. The bat’s front is completely spotless, with ten straight and even grains showing the quality of the willow used to make them.

The main features of this bat are:


SS Ton DJ Bravo Champion has a regular-sized blade with the signature Ton branding. The stickers are made especially for this bat, having Champion written on them in a golden brown color. The bats are complete profile cricket bats with a thick bottom weighing around 1184g. Their thick shoulders and slim round handles make them much lighter in the pickup. The bat is a traditional SS profile bat with a duckbill at the lower side, allowing the batsman to play fantastic drive shots consistently. The sweet spot also lies at the bat’s bottom.


The bats have a slim, round handle with a golden or black grip. The bats have a lot of concentrated willow at the bottom. So, Amar suggested adding one more grip on the handle for even weight distribution throughout the bat.

Amar checked the ping on this bat with a red ball. The ping is exceptionally nice and consistent throughout the bat. The ball just takes off as soon as it touches the bat surface.

Amar reviews two SS Champions in this video. They are almost identical to each other. However, their weight might vary from 2.9 lbs to 2.10lbs. This minor difference is because willow is used from distinct clefts of wood.


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For a complete review by CricMax experts, watch the video below!