SS SKY Stunner and SS Gunther Bats Review and Video Unboxing

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 11th May 2023

SS SKY Stunner and SS Gunther Bats Review and Video Unboxing

SS Cricket Bats are known for their quality and durability, and the latest collection is no exception. In this video, Dipesh from CSO opens and reviews the latest hand-picked SS bats during his visit to the SS factory in India. Let's take a look at what he found.

SS Sky Stunner Cricket Bat 2023

SS Sky Stunner Cricket Bat 2023 is a bat that stands out from the rest. It has a huge profile, thick bottom, and a little bit of decoloration on the edges. The face is clean and the bat is made of almost a butterfly willow. According to Dipesh from CSO, who handpicked these bats during his visit to SS factory in India, the ping of this bat is amazing. In the video, Dipesh can be seen bouncing a SG ball on the bat's surface, and the ball just flies off the bat’s surface as soon as it lands. This bat is perfect for players who like to play big shots and prefer a bat with a lot of power.

SS SKY Original Player Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Surya Kumar Yadav Original Player Cricket Bat is the epitome of modern-day cricket bats, offering exceptional quality and performance that caters to the specific needs and requirements of cricket players. This bat is crafted from the highest quality Grade 1+ English willow, ensuring not only remarkable performance but also long-lasting durability.

The SS SKY Original Player Cricket Bat boasts an impressive player profile and an enormous blade with 1160-1170g weight and 10-20 straight grains. The bat's pickup is exceptional, thanks to its well-crafted oval handle that offers superior grip and control. Dipesh, in his review video, tested the bat's ping with a red cricket ball and the results were breathtaking; the ball just flew off the bat's surface with incredible speed and precision. Furthermore, Dipesh reviewed three SS SKY Originals in his video, all of which were remarkably similar in their quality and performance, with only slight variations in grain count and weight.

SS Gunther Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Gunther Cricket Bat 2023 is a top-of-the-line bat that delivers an exceptional performance on the field. The bat has a perfect profile and straight grains, making it stand out from the rest. During his visit, Dipesh requested a Gunther bat under 1100g, and SS delivered a bat that weighed 1095g. The bat's face profile is spotless, with a large number of straight and dark equidistant grains. The bat has 13-14 grains and a semi-oval handle, providing players with a comfortable grip during long innings. The sweet spot of the bat is located in the mid to low area, which is an ideal position for players who prefer playing shots on the front foot.

The bat has an excellent SS profile with a thick bottom, providing the players with additional power and balance. Dipesh checked the ping of the bat, and it delivered excellent results, even with an old ball. With a new red ball, the ping was even better, making the SS Gunther Cricket Bat 2023 a reliable choice for any batsman.

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