SS Original Player Cricket Bats 2023 - Bat Summary and Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 20th Mar 2023

SS Original Player Cricket Bats 2023 - Bat Summary and Review

In this second part of his SS Original Player Cricket bats review, Amar Shah delves deeper into the exceptional quality of these cricket bats. Crafted from the finest materials and hand-selected by experts, these bats are the same ones used by some of the top cricketers in the world. Amar highlights the exclusivity of these bats, which are only available to customers of the Cricket Store Online, making them a highly coveted item among the cricketing community.

In this video, Amar discusses each bat's unique features and characteristics, providing detailed information on their weight, grain count, sweet spot position, and ping. So, here’s a summarized version of Amar’s review!

SS VA 900 Elite Cricket Bat 2023

The SS VA 900 Elite Cricket Bat 2023 is a top-of-the-line bat crafted with the finest quality willow. This bat boasts a clean face that features 8 straight grains, which are a testament to the quality of the willow used. The bat weighs approximately 2.9 ounces, making it relatively lightweight and easy to maneuver. The bat has a retro classic profile different from SS's traditional profile of cricket bats. Additionally, the semi-oval handle is designed for comfort and ease of use.

Regarding the bat's performance, the ping on this bat is absolutely amazing. It produces a crisp, clear sound that is a joy for any cricket enthusiast. All in all, the SS VA 900 Elite Cricket Bat 2023 is an exceptional bat that is sure to meet the needs of any serious cricketer looking to improve their game

SS Sky Original Player Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Sky Original Player bat has a complete profile with a duckbill toe at the bottom. It comes with a clean face with 11 - 12 nice straight grains. It weighs 1150 grams and has a slim round handle. The bat's phenomenal ping makes it an excellent option for anyone looking for a lightweight original player bat.

Amar reviews two Sky Originals in this video. Even with the toe guard, the second bat weighs about 1140g. The pickup is even lighter because this bat's sweet spot is a bit higher than the previous one. Amar checked the pin on these bats with a white ball. The bat has a fantastic ping which shows the consistency and quality of these Original Player cricket bats.

SS Maximus Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Regular Maximus Local Player Cricket bat 2023 is a sponsored cricket bat of a local player. It has a clean face with 8 lovely straight grains and weighs 2.10 oz. The bat has a classic profile, not a traditional SS profile. It has a semi-soft press compared to the Original player bat and has a toe guard pre-installed at the bottom. The bat's ping is impressive, making it an excellent option for players of all kinds.

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