SS Original Player Cricket Bats 2022 - Complete Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 7th Aug 2022

SS Original Player Cricket Bats 2022 - Complete Review

SS, also known as Sareen Sports, has manufactured one of the best Cricket bat lineups in 2022. They have had a lot of international endorsements, including Ravindra Jadeja and Nicholas Pooran. Amar Shah reviewed from CricMax reviews the SS Original Bats 2022 lineup. Let’s take a closer look at some of the bats even used in the IPL this year.

SS Nicholas Pooran Original Cricket Bat 2022

The first bat Amar reviews are the Nicholas Pooran Cricket Bat. The bat gives an excellent aesthetic look because these original player bats cost around 800 dollars and are perfect in all areas. This first bat has 11 straight grains on grade 1 English willow. The balance of this bat is extraordinary and provides a fast swing. The bat weighed 1170 grams but feels much lighter. Amar also hits the bit to show how complete and soft the ping sounds.


The bat has a complete profile, as all the original player bats do. They have thick and sharp edges with scalloping on the sides to reduce weight. You also get a round and slim handle on this bat, providing a very light pickup.

SS Original Player Surya Kumar Yadav Cricket Bat 2022

Surya Kumar Yadav uses the next bat he reviews. The best part about this bat is its lightweight and duckbill toe profile. This bat weighs about 1175 grams with a semi-oval slim handle. As expected, the bat has grade 1 English willow with 13 straight and even grains (see video for reference). This is the bat for you if you are someone with dynamic gameplay. It has a mix of aggressive hitting and classic gameplay due to its wide sweet spot.

SS Original Player Dinesh Kartik Cricket Bat

Now comes the bat for consistent players who like to dominate the field—the Dinesh Kartik Original Players cricket 2022 made by SS. The profile of this bat is different from the previous bats. The bat had a thick bottom and a low sweet spot to make the strokes and cuts lighter and more accurate. The bat had nine straight grains and a clean face because it is the highest quality English willow bat. Since these are player bats, Cricket Store Online got bats with two different grips, which don’t come in retail versions but are specific to Dinesh Kartik himself. The bat has a round handle that gets slimmer as you move up. The bat weighs a solid 1180 grams which is ideal for a player like him.

SS Original Player Ravindra Jadeja Cricket Bat 2022

The last bat that Amar reviewed was Ravindra Jadeja’s bat. The bat has a complete profile with a large sweet spot in the bat's middle and bottom. Ravindra Jadeja is a player who likes to use his wrist. Amar feels the bat and says it has a heavy bottom and is hard to swing. Amar tells the viewers that this is the type of bat he loves because it’s thick from the base and helps the downswing of the ball from the bat. The bat had a complete profile with eleven grains with a spring bounce. The bat weighs 1185 grams, and Amar excitedly calls this bat the Ravindra Jadeja’s Bapu Bat.


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