SS Finisher Range Cricket Bats 2022 - Review by CSO

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 11th Sep 2022

SS Finisher Range Cricket Bats 2022 - Review by CSO

In this video, Amar shah reviewed the SS FINISHER lineup. These bats are of the same profile as MS DHONI cricket bats. The SS FINISHER can be purchased with willows of grades 1, 2, or 3. The clefts of the bat are hand-selected by the people at the Cricket Store Online. The bat's designs and color combinations are similar to last year’s bats.

Key Features

- Budget Bats

- Weighs between 2.8 lbs to 2.10 lbs

- 5-8 grains

- MS Dhoni profile

- Hand Selected clean willow


The SS Finisher Core is a Grade 3 English Willow bat. It has a high-quality oval handle providing you complete control over your bat with an even balance. The bat has 5-6 straight grains, clean air-dried willow, and a mid-sweet spot. SS Finisher Core 2022 weighs around 2.9-2.10 lbs and offers dynamic gameplay for the batsman. You can easily play fantastic cut shots and drives with consistency over a long period of time.


The SS Finisher Classic is a grade 2 English Willow bat. MS Dhoni, the cool captain, used this masterpiece, and it is equipped with everything a player could want in a bat. The bat has six nice straight grains with a clean-faced willow. You can see a little concaving at the bottom of the bat, which keeps the weight even and makes it easier to swing the bat. The bat weighs around 2.9 lbs.


The SS Finisher Limited Edition is a Grade 1 English Willow bat. The bat has a complete profile with the latest shape and massive concave TON edges, which enable high impact with optimum performance. The bat has eight straight grains and weighs 2.9 lbs. With its clean willow and wide play area, flying the ball in the air will feel like a piece of cake.


You can now easily purchase these fantastic quality bats, which are currently available at Cricket Store Online!


For a detailed review, watch the video below!