Shrey Original Star Duffle Cricket Kit Bag 2022- Complete Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 13th Aug 2022

Shrey Original Star Duffle Cricket Kit Bag 2022- Complete Review

In this video, Amar Shah from CSO fantastically reviews Shrey Original Star Duffle Cricket Kit Bag. This cricket kit bag is available in an excellent color combination of red and navy blue. Shrey bags are fantastic due to their hybrid nature, with a duffle having an ideal space for storing all your cricket equipment.

Review: Shrey Original Star Duffle Kit Bag

Tires and Bag Protection

Amar showed the viewers, wearing the bag, that this fantastic kit bag is a compact one with the capacity to carry many things. The bag is equipped with a unique feature which is its tractor tires. The bag has a special pocket for accessories like phones and cricket items. The kit bag has a solid and hard bottom with tractor wheels, as shown in the video. This hard bottom protects the bag from any damage that can happen during the rolling of the bag using tires. Another fantastic feature is the presence of the balancing knobs that help the bag maintain its balance when the bag is in a standing position. There are three types of handles at the back of this bag.

Design And Capacity

The design of this kit bag is simple. There is no side pocket in this kit bag, unlike the SS Master 7000 Kit bag. So, everything goes in the main compartment. As you can see in the video, there is another compartment on the front side for placing shoes or dirty laundry and helmets. The main compartment has an oversized zipper that goes off to give full access to the primary chamber of the bag. Most duffle kit bags don’t give you full access to the main compartment.

The bag has two padded bat pockets in the main compartment, and Amar shows the capacity of the main room by placing different cricket items in it. Viewing the video below can give you an idea of bag capacity.

Bag Straps

The straps of the bag are padded well with ventilation, and if shoulder straps are not required, then simply open them from the bottom lock and tuck them in the back pocket. This way the bag can be used as a simple wheely kit bag.

Your cricket kit bag needs to be comfortable and spacious enough to pack all your equipment. Shrey Original Star bag is an amazing duffle bag tht has sufficient protective padding and build quality to last years. 


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For a complete review of the kit bag, watch the video below!