Shrey Cricket Helmets 2022 | Reviews & In-depth Analysis

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 1st Mar 2022

Shrey Cricket Helmets 2022 | Reviews & In-depth Analysis

Shrey Cricket Helmets 2022

Buying the right equipment for your favorite sport is as important as any other factor that could directly affect your game - Cricket is no different either.

Whether you’re playing cricket at a school level, club-cricket, first-class, domestic leagues or at an international level, getting your hands to the right cricket gear will always remain an important part of your cricketing journey. And if you’re a batter, a cricket helmet is an integral part of that gear.

In this guide, we will walk you through the 2022 range of Shrey cricket helmets and factors that you should take into account before buying your next cricket helmet.

Shrey Cricket Helmets to Buy in 2022

Shrey Master Class AIR 2.0 Cricket Helmet - Titanium - 2022

Ultra Lightweight & Optimum Protection

Weighing around 760 grams, the Master Class Air Titanium is considered as one of the lightest cricket helmets available in the market today. It passes all the British Safety Standards and other safety protocols with both 4 ¾ and 5 ½ oz balls.

Ever since the tragic incident of Phil Hughes back in 2014, neck guards have become quite a thing in all first-class, domestic or international cricket. The Master Class Air Titanium helmet comes with a free, easily attachable and solid neck guard that gives the batter added protection on the rear neck area.

The Master Class Air Titanium is currently used by Joe Root, Virat Kohli, Steven Smith, Aaron Finch, Johnny Bairstow and Moeen Ali.

Key Highlights

  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Advanced Air Flow Mechanism
  • Removable Sweatband
  • Comfortable Inner Padding
  • Free Neck Guard
  • Customization Available
  • Ventilation point at the top
  • Finishing could have been better

Shrey Master Class AIR 2.0 Cricket Helmet - STEEL 2022

Starting at around $150 and weighing at 920 grams, the Master Class Air Stainless Steel series by Shrey is another good option that you can opt for regardless of what level of cricket you’re currently playing.

With a new and improved grill that provides added safety to the batter, this helmet also has the same air flow mechanism as the Master Class Air Titanium version does.

Agility, Durability and Quality

As far as agility is concerned, yes stainless steel is generally around 40% heavier than titanium, so you might feel heavy if you’re playing 30 or 40+ overs matches on a regular basis. However, stainless steel is a combination of elements that makes it safe, rigid and durable which is why it is used in a number of protection-based equipments and items globally.

The Go-to Helmet for Beginners

If you’re new to cricket and buying one of your first cricket helmets, stainless steel will work out perfect for you. However, if you’re making a switch from a titanium helmet, you might feel the weight for a while before you get used to it.

Key Highlights

  • Improved Grill from Previous Version
  • Advanced Air Flow Mechanism
  • Easily Removable Sweatband
  • ICC/BS 2013 Safety Protocols Conformity
  • Not Easy to Switch from Titanium Helmets

Shrey-KOROYD Stainless Steel

The new 2022 Shrey-Koroyd stainless steel helmet is another innovation brilliance that resulted from the Shrey-Koroyd collab. This is a high-performace helmet designed for batters who do not mind a little bit of extra weight while they’re out on the crease.

Compliant with all safety certifications (BS 7928:2013 + A1 2019, (EU) 2016/425), this stainless steel version of the Koroyd series offers optimum protection to your head through its top-grade stainless steel build material and a sturdy design made for all conditions and weather.

Key Highlights

  • Weighs 930 Grams
  • Includes all Safety Mechanisms as Shrey-Koroyd Titanium Series
  • Comes with a Rear Pad and Carry Bag

Shrey KOROYD TITANIUM Cricket Helmet 2022

Innovative, Improved Design & Build Quality

Koroyd is a brand that specializes in state-of-the-art, revolutionary helmets for numerous outdoor games, watersports, bikes, industrial use, etc. Seeing the immense experience and design portfolio, Shrey decided to collaborate with Koroyd to come up with a helmet that could have a huge impact on professional cricket globally.

And that’s exactly what happened - The Shrey-Koroyd cricket helmet series is a result of a meaningful collaboration between two organizations that mastered in their own art. The optimized high-speed ball impacts result in far lesser damage to the helmet or to the batter, as compared to previous technologies.

Damage Control System

The major highlight of this cricket helmet is its Damage Control System that is based on a mechanism of welded tubes that crumple as soon as the ball hits the helmet - absorbing the majority of the force of impact and eventually, protecting your head.

Direct & Angled Impact Protection

This helmet comes with a Direct & Angled Impact Protection system that is designed to protect your skull and brain from both direct or angled ball impacts while you’re out on the crease playing your favorite sport.

The speed or impact of the ball is not always the same, sometimes an unawkward bounce off the pitch can make you react in a way where your head is not in the best position. This could result in either a direct, head-on impact or an angled, unique impact that can cause prolonged concussion or even serious head injuries.

Key Highlights

  • High Performance and Lightweight (730 grams)
  • Advanced Protection Mechanisms and Innovations
  • Dual Retention System
  • High-grade Titanium Visor
  • Shock-absorption Side Panels
  • Advanced Air Flow through Large Air Vents

Air 2.0 Titanium Wicket Keeping Helmet

It’s not unusual for wicket-keepers to get nasty blows in a cricket game, especially when they’re up to the stumps against spin or medium-fast bowlers to add extra pressure on the batter.

All It Takes is One Bad Hit

Regardless how quick your reflexes are as a wicket-keeper, at times the ball does a lot off the pitch, or might take an edge of the batter’s bat, gloves or any other part of the body and come directly towards you, leaving you with very little time to judge the trajectory of the ball to catch it cleanly. The tragic end of Mark Boucher’s cricketing career is a reminder for all wicket-keepers around the world of how serious wicket-keeping injuries can be.

The Lightweight & Sturdy Wicketkeeping Helmet

To avoid such incidents, you need to have a wicket-keeping helmet that is well-designed to protect your head and eyes while you’re standing behind the stumps - The Air 2.0 Titanium Helmet does exactly that!

This re-engineered and redesigned helmet weighs just 675 grams, and is exclusively made for wicket keepers, taking into account the factors that come into play when you’re standing behind the stumps to catch every ball that comes towards you.

Key Highlights

  • Exclusively Designed for Wicket Keepers (not to be used for batting or fielding at any other position)
  • Weight just 675 grams
  • Extra Neck Comfort while Wicket-keeping
  • Titanium Visor
  • Shrey-embossed Side Plates

Air 2.0 Stainless Steel Wicket Keeping Helmet

And then comes the stainless steel version ofthe Air 2.0 Wicket-keeping helmet by Shrey - another design masterclass specifically made for the person who has to stand behind the stumps the entire match, whether up to the stumps or a few yards away when pace attack is on.

Maximum Protection Behind the Stumps!

Similar to its Titanium counterpart, the Air 2.0 stainless steel wicket-keeping helmet passes all the basic safety protocols and certifications, and comes with damage protection system, the advanced air flow system, better rear retention mechanism and also the infamous Shrey embossed side plates.

The Element of Weight

However, as far as the element of weight is concerned, the stainless steel variant weighs around 870 grams and can be a challenge for you as a wicket-keeper under testing weather conditions or the frequency of matches that you play. Also, if you’re an opening or 1-down batter, the weight of the helmet will play a significant role as you will be wearing the helmet on and off during the entire match.

Key Highlights

  • Weighs around 870 grams
  • Cushion Pads for Better Comfort
  • Advanced Air Flow Mechanism
  • Easily Removable Sweatband

Shrey Armor 2.0

Looking for a decent cricket helmet under $100? - You got it! The Shrey Armor series is a relatively newer line that targets both beginners and adults, or low-income regions around the world.

Weighing at around 940 grams, this helmet provides decent value for money and damage protection against high ball impacts. It comes with an extended back for added protection towards the neck area. Also, it has mild steel powder coated grille that helps resist corrosion.

Key Highlights

  • Weighs around 940 grams
  • Extended Back for Added Protection
  • Easily Washable Sweat Band
  • Better Facial and Head Protection
  • Passes BSI Safety Protocols

Shrey Armor Junior

As the name suggests, this series is aimed at young boys and girls who have just taken up the sport and are in the initial phase of their cricketing journeys. The Shrey Around Junior range is specifically designed for junior cricket balls, while giving adequate level of safety and damage protection against ball impacts.

It comes in two sizes - Junior (52-54 cms) and Youth (54-57 cms).

Key Highlights

  • Designed for Junior Cricket (boys and young adults)
  • Recommended against Junior Balls
  • Advanced Damage Protection System
  • Comes with a Carry Bag

Shrey Performance Helmet

The Shrey Performance helmet range is aimed at young adults who are still in a relatively learning stage, and are looking to progress in cricket. With a weight of arond 740 grams, this series is uses top-grade steel with powder coated finishing that results in better visibility.

Start Your Cricket with the Right Helmet

Moreover, the advanced air flow mechanism, rear retention system, facial and side protection and extended back for increased safety remains there, just like it does for the rest of the Shrey helmets. The velcro straps and pads help young adults and boys to get the comfort and fit that they need before they go out there to bat.

Key Highlights

  • Weighs around 740 grams
  • EPS Liner for Added Safety
  • Advanced Air Flow Mechanism
  • Easily Removable Swoppa Band
  • Extended Back for More Safety

Cricket Helmet Buying Guide

Now that we’ve reviewed the 2022 range for Shrey cricket helmets, let us walk you through some of the factors that play, or should play a vital role before you decide to purchase your next cricket helmet..

The Weight VS Build Quality

Needless to say, the weight of the helmet will play a significant role at any level of cricket you play. Yes, our head needs protection against a cricket ball that can cause serious injuries, but at the same time our head doesn’t have to be loaded with a lot of weight for prolonged hours of play, as that could adversely affect your overall batting performance and fatigue level.

This is one of the reasons why most modern-day cricket helmets use titanium instead of stainless steel as it makes a huge difference to the overall weight of the helmet. They provide adequate protection without adding a lot of grams to the helmet.

The Sweat Factor

As Shikhar Dhawan once said to the owner of Shrey sports, ventilation is a key element for batters who are playing under hot and humid conditions. You easily get such conditions in most of the cricketing countries around the world, except for a few colder countries like England, Ireland or New Zealand.

Keeping this factor into consideration, we recommend to go for a helmet that has sufficient ventilation spots at the top, or a sweat band that is easy to drain, remove and wash later on.

Rear Protection

Following the Phil Hughes tragic incident, or even a few others in the past where similar blows were recorded towards the back side of the head, rear protection is something that you shouldn’t ignore anymore.

It is true that most batters might not feel entirely comfortable with a neck guard or any other type of protection towards the back as it restricts head movement to a huge extent, however, safety should always be prioritized over any other playing factor.

Also, once you start playing your cricket with a neck guard or any other added safety equipment, it won’t take you long to get a hang of it and still be able to make runs the same way you used to.

Our Final Thoughts on Shrey 2022 Cricket Helmets

Shrey cricket helmets have been long known for their design, build quality, protection mechanisms and prices. Compared to other brands such as Masuri or Gray Nicolls, the edge that Shrey helmets has over its competitors is the combination of versatility, durability, performance and affordability - all at once.

No wonder why the best batters around the world such as Virat Kohli, Joe Root, Steven Smith and Aaron Finch go for Shrey helmets even to this day!