SG Cricket 2017

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 22nd Feb 2017

SG Cricket 2017

SG cricket 2017 bat and cricket gear manufacturer started the year with a bang. They signed one of the hottest commodities in Indian cricket as a brand ambassador for the next 3 years. India U19 WC captain and well established Ranji Trophy cricketer, Rishabh Pant signed the deal to use SG cricket bats and SG cricket gear.

SG have not only made waves with their 2017 brand ambassadors like Shane Watson and Pant but have the cricket bat line-up to back it up.

What is new with SG Cricket Bats 2017?

The line-up of SG cricket bats for 2017 is staggering. There are so many bats to choose from in both the Kashmir Willow range and in their professionally designed English Willow cricket bat range.

Some of the new features in the SG cricket bats incude:

Lighter Pick-Up

In the past, there was a view that these bats could be somewhat “toe-heavy”, SG has improved this immensely. Even in their short handle cricket bats, the weight distribution is impeccable and creates super light-weight cricket bats with zero compromise on power.

Powerdrive Handle

SG has put considerable time into the handles of their bats for 2017. SG cricket bats for 2017 are equipped with powerdrive handles. The powerdrive handles are imported cane handles with carbon fiber inserts. It is the ratios of cane to carbon fiber that have been improved to give the handles immense power and control over the bats.

The Willow

SG have shown a marked improvement in their willow selection for 2017. Bats like the SG Sunny Legend Cricket Bat for 2017 are made from premium Grade 1 English Willow that rivals the limited edition English Willow of other bat manufacturers.

The same rings true for all their bats, the willow is priced true to quality and there is a marked improvement in the overall quality of the willow for SG cricket bats 2017.

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