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SF has got a great line of cricket bats out there, and I’d like to focus on three of those today: the Triumph, Sapphire, and Limited Edition SF cricket bats. The Triumph is the lowest grade of these three, Sapphire is the middle, and Limited Edition is the highest grade, but they’re all SF bats, so you know you’re getting great quality cricket equipment.

The number one thing anyone will notice with these three SF bats is that they’re absolutely massive. The edges on some of the Triumph is at least 40 mm, and the Sapphire and Limited Edition both have even bigger edges than that. The same goes for the spine on these SF cricket bats: the Triumph has a high spine at about 66 mm and the other two just get bigger from there.

It’s fair to worry about weight with such massive bats, but SF has made sure that these three bats stay incredibly light. The Limited Edition, which has the biggest specs, still only weighs in at around 2:9, and is the lightest of the three. These three SF cricket bats also have an incredibly light pickup due to their very exaggerated bows.

In terms of wood, each of these three SF cricket bats is made in India with a high number of straight grains. The Limited Edition is made with grade 1+ English willow and the Sapphire is made with grade 1 English willow. The grade of the Triumph is unclear, but is most likely grade 1 as well. They’re all very nice looking when it comes to the wood used.

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