Review Of Hammer Vapor Cricket Bat 2018

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 23rd Apr 2018

Review Of Hammer Vapor Cricket Bat 2018

Hammer Cricket has a reputation for bringing out high-quality cricket bats designed specifically for club cricketers & pro cricketers and it shows in their latest offering which is the Hammer Vapor Cricket Bat! We know this well as in the past we saw bats like the Hammer Hel156 cricket bat. A bat used on the international circuit like the CPL & IPL. A bat with a powerful middle ideal for attacking & touch players. The Hammer Black Edition inspired by international cricketers like Virat Kolhi bring in the same profile as many international cricketers of today.

Review Of Hammer Vapor Cricket Bat 2018



Aggressive profile

Big Edges

Short Blade

Long Handle

Toe Guard

On speaking to the guys over at Hammer Cricket here is what I found out was the thoughts and inspiration behind this new bat. " The profile of the Hammer Vapor cricket bat is much like that of the GM Kaha Cricket Bat. We wanted however to offer a bat that was also lightweight. The GM Kaha tends to be a bit on the heavier side much of the time. Vapor is strictly lightweight only. The bat has thicker edges ( but is still legal ) & the longer handle / shorter blade give it incredible swing weight ( like a golf club ). Our focus for years now has also been youth cricketers and this lightweight short blade cricket bat will offer smaller, younger cricketers a nice lightweight cricket bat.

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Review Of Hammer Vapor Cricket Bat 2018


Hammer Vapor only come in lightweight models but im sure custom-made models are also available. Apart from that,

they come in different willow grades.

CORE: The Hammer Vapor Core model is the base model and is G2 English Willow. The core model will cost you around $299.99.

PRO: The Hammer Vapor Pro is the G1 English Willow model & will cost you $399.99.

LE: The Hammer Vapor LE cricket bat is the Limited Edition ( high quality, blemish free ) model & will cost you $499.99.

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