Review Of Hammer Cricket Batting Gloves 2018

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 26th Apr 2018

Review Of Hammer Cricket Batting Gloves 2018

I have to admit, I'm quite blown away by the new Hammer Cricket Batting Gloves for 2018. Ive seen this range grow from strength to strength over the years. We started this amazing new cricket brand in 2012 & really do love where its gone and how its grown. With humble beginnings I feel its ready to jump to the big time.

One of the main focusses up till now has been quality & design. Unless a brand has these two areas nailed down I feel it will fail in the long run as people wont come back to purchase a 2nd or 3rd time. Without those repeat customers brands will always fail in the cricket industry.

The 5 Hammer cricket batting gloves we are going to look at today are the :

Hammer Core Batting Glove

Hammer Pro Batting Glove

Hammer LE Batting Glove

Hammer Pro T20 Batting Glove

Hammer Player Batting Glove

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Hammer Core Cricket Batting Gloves 2018

Hammer Core Cricket Batting Gloves 2018

At only $49.99 we've kept The Core gloves extremely competitive. Not everyone can afford or chooses to spend $100+ on batting gloves. For club level players these cricket batting gloves offer really great comfort & also pretty adequate protection from a cricket ball. This design hasn't changed much now for a couple years we've just kept upgrading the materials used to be the latest available advances. The Hammer Core batting gloves offer full leather palms, added finger protection in the finger tips & air mesh for supreme circulation. At $49.99 there really arent many batting gloves better than these. The left CORE gloves weighs only 5.4oz.

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Hammer Pro Cricket Batting Gloves 2018

Hammer Pro Cricket Batting Glove 2018

The Hammer Pro Cricket Batting Glove has for years now been one of our top selling gloves. Built on the same platform as the LE batting glove people are always blown away by this gloves high quality. With a standard leather palm & added palm mesh for air flow this batting glove offers a lot at $79.99 that in other brands you may have to pay upwards of $100 to get. Supreme quality is the name of the game here in the Hammer pro batting glove. Pro branding and stylish looks means the Hammer pro batting glove will be a feature for years to come. The white pro left hand gloves weighs only 5.2oz.

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Hammer LE Cricket Batting Gloves 2018

Hammer LE cricket batting gloves image 1

There have been a few iterations of the Hammer LE Cricket Batting Glove over the years. Once again here in the 2018 version we see the inclusion of English Pittard leather. Pittard leather is treated high quality leather which offers features normal leather cannot. The leather is supple, soft & durable. It offers the player amazing "feel" of the cricket bat and lasts much much longer than traditional cheaper leather. Pittard Leather is the ideal product for the LE cricket batting gloves. We choose English Pittard leather for the $99 Hammer LE batting gloves because of its supreme quality. The LE left glove weighs in at 5.0oz.

Smaller hidden features of our LE gloves.

Hammer logo on LE batting gloves

smaller finger details with added padding on LE cricket batting gloves

pittard leather on cricket batting gloves

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Hammer Pro T20 Cricket Batting Gloves 2018

Hammer Pro T20 Navy Cricket Batting Gloves 2018

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The all new design on the $79 Hammer Pro T20 Navy cricket batting gloves 2018 are striking. When putting on these batting gloves you cant help but feel confident. The gloves fit snug, are light & the padding is supreme. As mentioned earlier these gloves are built on the LE platform so we cut no corners in making these gloves some of the best batting gloves you will ever own. At $79 these are a bargain & are as good as any Kahuna Pro glove or GM limited edition glove & they are most likely lighter weighing in at only 4.8oz for one glove making it our lightest gloves. This is also largely due to the use of Indian Pittard leather. Much like the english version only lighter.

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These gloves also available in GREENROYAL BLUEBLACKYELLOW.

Hammer Player Cricket Batting Gloves 2018

hammer player cricket batting gloves 2018

At 7.40z the Hammer Player Cricket Batting Gloves are obviously the heaviest of gloves. These gloves are naturally not for every cricketer however if you're at the top levels of your cricket competing against the top fast bowlers in your area then you need to seriously consider these batting gloves. The Player batting gloves offer the sausage finger style which is well known for giving the best protection standards of cricket batting gloves. The $129 player batting gloves also have level 5 protection in the fingers which will protect your fingers against most balls that jar into the bottom glove when there is unpredictable bounce. The leather palms are premium sheep skin which is used by professionals all over the world. If you're an opening batsman the Hammer Player Batting Gloves are an absolute must.

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