Puma Platinum Black Edition cricket bat

Posted by jason mellet on 20th Feb 2014

Puma Platinum Black Edition cricket bat

Puma Platinum Black Edition Cricket Bat

Puma’s Platinum Black Edition cricket bat was one of its most popular last season, so the company has brought it back in the 2013 edition, in limited numbers. This premium bat is one of Puma’s best.

Puma has used top quality players grade English willow on its 2013 Platinum Black Edition bats. This wood is thick yet light, ensuring you get a massive piece of wood for your bat, with still a nice pickup.

In terms of shape, Puma’s Platinum Black Edition bats have a very full profile, which is modeled after the most commonly used players bats. With thick edges and a high spine, this is just a big bat, ideal for players.

Puma Platinum Black Edition cricket bat

The spine on Puma’s Platinum Black Edition 2013 bat allows for a long sweet spot, and with such a full shape and minimal concaving, the sweet spot is very wide as well. The very minimal bow on this bat is going to help with pickup.

The  Platinum Black Edition cricket bat has a toe that sits somewhere between square and round, and is a comfortable shape. Speaking of comfort, the handle on this bat is just slightly oval with a nice grip in black and silver. The decals on the Platinum Black Edition bat are also black and silver, featuring the Puma logo.

Puma’s Platinum Black Edition 2013 cricket bat is available in weights ranging from 2:8 to 2:12, and the pickup tends to feel lighter than the weight. For younger cricket players that want to use a great quality bat, the Platinum Black Edition is also available in junior sizes and weights.

Puma has only made a limited number of its Platinum Black Edition 2013 bats, so pick yours up while you can. This particular players shape and style from Puma was very popular last season.