New Balance TC560 Bat

Posted by jason mellet on 24th Aug 2015

New Balance TC560 Bat

So you are loving the New Balance range of cricket bats. You love the way it looks in the hands of Steve Smith, David Miller and Ben Stokes. If you are looking for a New Balance cricket bat in the USA but want something on the slightly cheaper side of things, then you will do very well to buy a New Balance TC 560 cricket bat.

The New Balance TC 560 is made from English Willow, New Balance has graded it as a Grade 4 cricket bat but the quality of the willow may well have it graded higher by other bat makers. There is no doubt that New Balance is making a huge push to put out an extremely high quality cricket product including their bats, pads and all other equipment.

The New Balance TC 560 has the striking new yellow and red stickers.

Whilst this is a 1260 pictured above when you buy your 560 the main difference would be the quality of the willow.

Many traditionalists have lauded the  New Balance TC560 cricket bat as a very good traditionalists cricket bat. It has very traditional features and will be a very good first cricket bat for cricketers who are trying hard ball cricket for the first time. This of course means that the New Balance TC560 is a fantastic cricket bat for first time cricketers in the USA and in North America.

The New Balance TC560 cricket bat has an oval handle and is made from high quality Singapore Cane. What is impressive about the handle is that it is the exact same composite material that New Balance uses for their player edition cricket bats. The oval handle is great for comfort and control when playing shots.

It is always good to find a cricket bat that will be of the same size and weight that you will use as you progress in your cricket skills. The New Balance TC 560 is exactly that, it is a high quality cricket bat that is simply of a less superior willow and better priced.

Cricket lovers in the USA should jump on the New Balance TC 560 cricket bat as they are going to be a fast seller when they become available from Cricket Store Online, America's favorite online cricket store.

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