New Balance TC 1260 Orignal Player Cricket Bat - Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 30th Aug 2022

New Balance TC 1260 Orignal Player Cricket Bat - Review

Amar Shar reviewed New Balance Traditional Cricket 1260 original Player Cricket Bat 2022

in this video. Each bat is made of carefully picked high-graded English Willow with lots of wood to hit those big sixes. While reviewing, Amar expresses that the overwhelming they received made them arrange another batch of NB cricket bats. These newly designed, phenomenally balanced, endorsed by Joe Root, are available atThe Cricket Store Online.

New Balance TC 1260 original Player Cricket Bat 2022

The NB TC 1260 original Player Cricket Bat comes with redesigned 2022, with stunning reflective three-tone stickers. At the back is a similar old labeled New Balance covering most of the space with engraved “Players Edition” written on it. These TC 1260 labeled are made of reserved cleft original player grade 1+ English willow. These unbleached bats are high profile, have high grains, have thick toes, and are certainly not made for light pickup.


The NB TC Player Cricket bats have a mid-profile but extended sweet spot with a massive 600mm spine going almost at the bottom. These heavy bats have nearly 40mm edges, with lots of clefts, weighing around 2lb and 9oz. Unlike most manufacturers who cut out a lot of wood at the back of the bat for the concave shape to provide light pickup. It isn’t the case for these bats. It has mid-swell, slight concave giving weight to it to hit power shots. The semi-oval handle feels rounded at the bottom for power hit and slightly slimmer at the top to provide a controlled swing to the bat.


The NB TC 1260 Players Edition cricket bats have graded 1+ willow and have straight Equidistant grains at the front and back. These are untreated, not bleached, willow to hide hardwood. It is an almost complete gauge with 40mm large edges with 600mm spine and a sweet spot at 250mm above the toe. The thick shoulder provides a sturdy grip, and the curved face enables you to play various shots.


The NB TC 1260 pings exactly like what Players Edition willow bat should ping. Although the mid is the sweet spot, you get plenty of wood overall from the bat so that you will get good performance throughout the bat. These bats ping exceptionally well right out of the box or need very little knocking. It pings nicely overall.

Amar Shah revied all bats, ranging between 10-21 grains. Some of them were cleaned face bats, and some of them had two-toned willow as well. The remarkable bats provide great pickup, balance, and sturdy grip to hit big runs.

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For a detailed review, watch the video below.