New Balance Players Cricket Shoes 2022 - Detailed Review of 4 New Models

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 4th Aug 2022

New Balance Players Cricket Shoes 2022 - Detailed Review of 4 New Models

In this video, Amar Shah from the cricket store online reviews four new models of New Balance cricket shoes. In terms of build quality and performance, they stand with all the top competitors like Adidas. These shoes feel modern and high quality in every way, starting from the sole of shoes made with rev-lite technology that makes them lightweight. They have the same mold as Adidas cricket shoes and provide the best on-field experience for a player. New Balance shoes have a very high demand right now because of the comfort they offer and are available in UK sizes. The UK size convention is a bit different than the USA size conversion. Arpit provides insight on size conversion in the video. In layman’s terms, USA sizes are 0.5 more than Uk sizes. So, an 11 UK size shoe would be size 11.5 in the US, and so on.


In the video below, four models of new balance shoes are discussed. Their naming might be tricky, but their quality isn’t.

  1. NEW BALANCE CK 10 BL4 Cricket Shoes

New Balance CK 10 BL4 comes in a stunning white and royal blue color combination. The shoe upper is made from TPU, which is water-resistant and is currently the best quality material for shoe uppers. This shoe has a rev-lite sole that overall reduces the shoe's weight. They don't have a rubber sole present in them, but instead, they come with a total of 11 spikes at the bottom of the shoe, which provides a fantastic grip over the ground during the whole game. Four spikes are at the bottom (heel part), while seven are at the top. Remember that this is the ideal New Balance sole pattern and is followed in every shoe they make. They also have eight rubber studs (4 for each shoe) which you can use to cover spikes at the bottom of your shoes while you are batting. You can also buy additional rubber studs if you are playing in the USA, UK, or on an astroturf. The tongue is sewn with the shoe's side, which helps keep your ankle in place.

  1. NEW BALANCE CK 4040 L4 Cricket Shoes

The second shoe that Amar reviews are the New Balance CK 4040 L4 which is a versatile cricket shoe with a similar white and royal blue color. The shoe sole is made from rev-lite technology and has a traditional rubber upper (not TPU). Although CK 4040 is more prominent in size, it is much lighter in weight than CK 10 BL4. This shoe has an additional velcro strap which helps deliver maximum ankle support and grip for firm steps. It has a strong build and provides better toe protection. The sole is almost the same as CK10 BL4, with a similar setup of spikes at the shoe’s bottom (see the video for reference). They also have eight rubber studs in separate packaging present inside the box.

  1. NEW BALANCE CK 4030 L4 Cricket Shoes

New Balance CK 4030 L4 has a remarkable black and white upper and an orange sole at the bottom. It also has a navy blue and dark green tinge on opposite sides of the shoe. This color combination makes this shoe the most visually appealing in the lineup. Like previous models, CK 4030 has the exact positioning of spikes at its bottom. This shoe has a plain leather upper with pores inside that allow some air to pass through and has a fantastic look. Similarly, eight rubber studs are also given along with the shoes that will fit at the bottom of both shoes ( 4 for each ). You’ll just have to buy rubber studs for the front spikes. See the video below for a detailed review.

  1. NEW BALANCE CK 10 BL4 2022 Cricket Shoes

New Balance CK 10 BL4 2022 is a BL4 version that comes in a staggering white and red color scheme. Just like CK 4030, this shoe also provides a similar navy blue and dark green tinge on the opposite sides of the shoe that makes it look amazing. Spikes at the bottom are also the same. Four at the heel part while seven at the front.


The selling point of this shoe is that it is the latest 2022 model of a high-quality BL4 lineup.

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For more details, watch the video below!