New Balance Joe Root Original Players Bats - Complete Profile Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 4th Aug 2022

New Balance Joe Root Original Players Bats - Complete Profile Review

In this video, Amar Shah from the cricket store online reviews the Original Joe Root player's Edition cricket bats from New Balance. These fresh blades have arrived all the way down from New Balance’s factory, handpicked by people at Cricket Store Online. These blades were originally reserved for Joe Root and are now available to purchase at CSO.


New Balance Original Joe Root Cricket Bat 2022

NB TC 1260 Original Players cricket bats are short blade, long handle cricket bats made from the finest grade 1 English willow. Amar reviews six bats that CSO receives in total, differing in their number of grains. You can find anywhere from 8 to 11 grains in these bats. All of them are of the same profile as Joe Root’s original cricket bat and weigh about 1220 grams. The rest of the specifications are the same!


As he reviews the first bat, he compares it with a regular 1260 bat. Both are of the same height, but the blade on joe root’s bat is 1 to 1.5 inches shorter and still heavier, which means that it is thicker on the bottom and hence provides a better ping. The short handle and weight distribution at the end give you a fantastic swing due to the presence of a longer bat handle.

Edge Thickness and SweetSpot

These bats are semi-oval-handed with extremely thick edges. The toe of the bat is 25 to 28 mm thick (compared to a normal 18mm-20mm thickness). With an even thicker spine height, you get an amazing hitting experience with TC 1260. The bat is 40mm wide, which is the international limit for bats. The sweet spot is 250mm from the bottom of the bat, which is already huge!!!

Ping and Weight Balance

The ball takes off as soon as it lands on the bat surface and gives a great ping. The thin shoulder and thick toe make this bat a bit bottom-heavy because all the willow is concentrated at the middle and bottom of this bat.


All of these bats are available at Cricket Store Online. So, hurry up and grab yours!

.Find out more in the video about other blades of this bat!