New Balance CK4030 Cricket Bowling Shoes 2016

Posted by jason mellet on 20th Aug 2015

As you are aware by now New Balance have become a highly sought after cricket brand for cricket bats in USA and around the world. They are also producing top of the line cricket shoes, like these New Balance CK4030 cricket shoes that will be available soon in the USA from Cricket Store Online.

So here is the breakdown of these great cricket shoes:

If you are batsman, bowler or allrounder this cricket shoe is the perfect cricket spike to add to your arsenal of cricket gear. Even if you are a fast bowler these cricket boots are built to withstand the rigorous strain that is put on them by the fast bowlers.

The 7-4 configuration of the spikes makes it very well balanced shoe for all cricket disciplines. The spikes are adjustable which means that you can switch in or out longer/shorter spikes depending on the surface and your needs at the time.

The sole of the  New Balance CK4030 cricket shoes is very firm and solid. This gives great support to cricketers feet, specifically the ankles that can take a pounding during a hard day of cricket. The firm sole will also give these cricket shoes a fair deal of durability. There is no need to be worried about the flexibility on these firm shoes as there is a zig-zag formation in between the spikes that gives a good deal of flexibility. The sole is also made using New Balance's REV Lite technology making it very light.

The New Balance CK4030 for 2015 is cut slightly higher. This adds ankle support for the fast bowlers. There is also the added stitching and cover on the toe of these cricket shoes to add durability where the toe usually drags on the turf.

As a great all-round shoe for cricketers looking for cricket shoes in the USA, the new New Balance CK4030 is sure to do the trick in all departments. Available soon in the USA's favorite cricket gear merchant for cricket bats and other equipment in the USA, Cricket Store Online.

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