New Balance CK10v2 Cricket Shoe 2016

Posted by jason mellet on 8th Sep 2015

New Balance CK10v2 Cricket Shoe 2016

America is about to get a taste of the world's finest cricket shoes as Cricket Store Online brings New Balance cricket shoes to the States.

Probably the most popular in the  New Balance range of cricket shoes is the New Balance CK10v2 cricket shoe. It is the first minimal type shoe and has the feel of a sneaker.

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Three things come to mind when you first try the New Balance CK10v2's on. They are extremely comfortable. Over the years, cricket shoes have not been renowned for their comfort but these shoes are superbly supportive. The comfort of these shoes comes from REvlite sole as well as the lightweight breathable mesh upper. The upper of the shoe is fitted with Fantomfit. Fantomfit offers stability in the shoe even during lateral movement. In cricket terms, the shoe will provide the same support and comfort even when turning sharply for a second run and the like.

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The second thing that comes to mind with these shoes is that they are supremely well balanced. Balance is a big deal for cricketers. Fast bowlers can have serious injuries if they wear  cricket shoes that do not supply them with adequate balance. The balance on the CK10v2's comes from the 11 spikes. These spikes can be removed and fitted with half-spikes or full-spikes depending on the surface that you play on. The spikes are placed using New Balance's cutting edge athletic technology to ensure that they are in the precise position to provide optimum balance.

Thirdly, the  New Balance CK10v2's are a very durable shoe. They are fitted with a toe-tip that ensures that even when the bowler drags the toe of his boot, the shoe will still be durable.

With the CK10v2 cricket shoes, New Balance has once again proved as to why they are becoming such a force to be reckoned with in the cricket equipment market.

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