NB DC 1280 Player Edition Cricket Bat - Review by CSO

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 30th Aug 2022

NB DC 1280 Player Edition Cricket Bat - Review by CSO

Amar, in this video, reviewed theNB DC 1280 Player Edition Cricket Bat. Want to improve your game with a bat that can help you hit those beautiful shots and score those crucial runs? Then this bat will provide you with precisely what you need as a batter. These are full-profile bats used and endorsed by Australian star Steve Smith. The bat is made from cleft that is reserved for International players. New Balance made no compromises while manufacturing these bats.

NB DC 1280 Player Edition Cricket Bat

The NB DC 1280 Original Players bat is a Grade 1+ English willow bat. These types of willow are perfect under all conditions. The bat offers much control and short-range versatility when facing quick bowlers on bouncy tracks. Because Steve Smith uses these bats himself, it's safe to say you shouldn't pass up the chance to own a pair of them. The bat is exceptionally light in the pickup and almost feels 1 lb more lightweight than its original weight, making it easier to swing and hit those big sixes.


These are full-profile bats with mid-swell and large edges. The TC 1260 Original Players series has a higher sweet spot that works excellent for horizontal shot selection. The slightly concave and semi-round shape of the bat makes it easier for the batter to make good contact with the bat—the thick shoulders and handle help keep the bat balance even.


The NB TC 1260 Original Players bat is a premium Grade 1 plus English willow bat, and these willows are specially reserved for players' bats. The bat has thick 40mm edges with 65 mm spine height. The perfect balance between the bat's thick handle, shoulder, and bottom results in a lighter pickup. The bat has 11-20 nice equidistant straight grains and is available in weights starting from 2.7 lbs to 2.9 lbs. It has 6 Piece Singapore Cane Semi oval handle.

The bat is hand Selected Personally from New Balance Factory by people at Cricket Store Online.


Amar checked the ping of every bat and found the ping soft and solid. You can expect a bonker of a ping from these bats, just like you would from an Original Player bat.

Amar reviewed six of these bats. The bat is available in single and two-tone coloured English willow. All the bats have the same Steve Smith bats profile. The weight and number of grains vary from bat to bat. You can rest assured of the performance of these bats.


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For a detailed review, watch the video below!