MRF Genius Game Changers Cricket Bats 2022- Review by CSO

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 25th Oct 2022

MRF Genius Game Changers Cricket Bats 2022- Review by CSO

In this video, Amar Shah from CricMax reviews the latest bats from MRF 2022 batting range called “MRF Genius Game Changers.” The bats he reviews were all hand selected by Dipesh during his tour of the MRF factory. These MRF bats come in a very compact and sturdy case with MRF branding on them in a stunning red and white color combination.

MRF Genius Game Changers Cricket Bats 2022

Amar reviews 7 MRF bats in great detail. Here are some important points from his review.


MRF Genius Game Changer cricket bats have a complete profile with large and bulky edges. The bats are made with the finest Grade 1+ English willow. The face of the bat is immaculate and spotless, showing the absolute quality of the willow used to make them. The bats have 11 to 14 straight and equidistant grains in them. The bat's edges are 40mm thick, with a spine height varying from 65mm to 67mm, showing the presence of a vast amount of concentrated willow in them. This allows the batsman to play powerful shots easily and consistently. The bats have thick shoulders and a wide toe, providing optimum balance while playing. However, there isn't any toe guard present in MRF Game Changers. You can add a custom one while ordering at our store.

Handle and Weight

The bats weigh around 2.8 to 2.10 lbs but feel much lighter in the pickup. The bats are semi-oval handles with an off-counter balancing knob at the handle’s top. The balancing knob in the bat’s handles contributes to even weight distribution throughout the entire bat, making it easier to swing the bat at an incredible pace. The best thing about MRF bats is their consistency. Amar reviewed 7 of these bats, and their profile and weight are almost identical.

Sweet Spot and Ping

MRF Game Changers 2022 has a mid-to-low sweet spot backed with a massive amount of concentrated willow. You can play powerful lofted shots and drives with a flawless bat motion and cover huge boundaries effortlessly. Amar checked the ping on the bats with a brand-new red ball. The ping is exceptionally consistent throughout the entire bat. Even the bat’s bottom provides a huge bounce, as Amar shows in the video.


Amar reviews 7 MRF Game Changers in this video. The bats have similar profiles and quality but slightly differ in their grain count and weight. This difference is because willow is used from distinct clefts of wood which doesn't affect their performance at all.


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For a detailed review of CricMax experts, watch the video below!