MRF Game Changer Cricket Bat 2023 - Summary Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 21st Feb 2023

MRF Game Changer Cricket Bat 2023 - Summary Review

MRF is a well-known brand in the world of cricket, and their new line of Game Changers cricket bats 2023 promises to live up to that reputation. In this video, Amar Shah reviews some exciting features of the MRF Game Changers cricket bats 2023. He reviews 5 MRF Game Changers 2023, and their main features are mentioned below!

MRF Game Changers Cricket Bats 2023

MRF Game Changers 2023 are made from the finest grade 1+ English willow. The willow used to make these bats is rare and better than the willow used to make Player edition bats.

The bats have a full profile with large and bulky edges. The front faces of these bats are extremely clean, having 10 - 14 equidistant and straight grains on them. Due to a large quantity of cleft in the middle, the bats appear to have an extended sweet spot. The bats are ideal for players who love to play lofted shots and drives. The toe is also thick, which helps improve a cricket bat's performance by providing more power and control during the shot. This is because the thicker toe can store more energy upon impact, resulting in a more powerful shot.

Handle and Pickup

Amar checked the weight of these bats. The bats weigh around 1180g - 1200g on average but feel much lighter due to their incredible design and quality. The bats have a medium to slim round handle preferred by mostly Asian batsmen. Adding another grip can further improve the bat’s pickup and stability. The additional grip provides better shock absorption, improving the batsmen's overall performance.

Ping of the Bat

With great enthusiasm, Amar eagerly examined the ping produced by each bat as he struck them with a strikingly vibrant red cricket ball. It was a joyous moment for him as he marveled at how effortlessly the ball leaped off the bat's surface without any exertion on his part. Amar was thrilled to discover that the bats he tested produced a phenomenal ping, which clearly indicates the exceptional quality of Grade 1+ English willow used in their manufacturing. His findings left him in awe, and he couldn't help but admire the exquisite craftsmanship that went into creating such remarkable cricket bats.

In this video, Amar comprehensively reviews five different MRF Game Changers Cricket bats. While these bats may appear almost identical at first glance, upon closer inspection, one can notice slight variations that have no impact on their overall performance. It's worth noting that the bats have some differences in their grain counts and weight, albeit subtle ones. Amar takes a keen interest in examining these minute distinctions and provides valuable insights into how they might affect a player's performance. By doing so, he ensures that his audience has a thorough understanding of the key features of each bat and can make informed decisions when selecting one.

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