MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat 2023 - Full Review Summary 2023

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 23rd Feb 2023

MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat 2023 - Full Review Summary 2023

In this video, Amar Shah reviews the latest bats from MRF, “MRF Genius Chase Masters Cricket Bats 2023.” MRF Genius Chase masters are original player bats of the Chase Master himself, “Mr. Virat Kohli.” Since he is back at scoring big internationally, the demand for MRF Chase Masters has skyrocketed. In this video, Amar reviews six MRF Chase Master bats and discusses their features and characteristics in great detail. Let’s quickly get to his review.

MRF Genius Chase Master Cricket bats 2023


The MRF Genius chase masters 2023 cricket bats are a testament to superior craftsmanship and quality. These top-of-the-line bats are constructed using only the highest quality player-graded English willow, ensuring superior field performance. The front face of the bats looks extremely clean and spotless. The grain count of the bats ranges from 10 to 17, with central and straight grains that are a hallmark of exceptional quality.

MRF Chase Masters are full-profile cricket bats with huge and bulky edges. The edges are 40mm thick, and the bats have a spine height of 65mm. The thickness of the edges adds more wood to the striking area of the bat, resulting in greater power when the ball makes contact with the bat. This can lead to the ball traveling further and faster, allowing the batsman to easily clear the boundary. Additionally, the spine height of the bat assists the batsman in achieving a better balance when striking the ball, which can enhance the overall accuracy and power of the shot.

Handle and Pickup

The MRF Genius Chase Masters cricket bats are designed to provide the perfect balance of weight and comfort to the batsman. With a medium to slim round handle, the bat offers an excellent grip for the player. The handle's shape and size allow the batsman to control the bat's swing, enabling them to time their shots to perfection.

The bat's superior design and quality and its perfect weight distribution ensure that the batsman can generate maximum power in their shots. Adding another grip to the handle can further enhance the player's control, making it easier for them to play their shots easily.

Despite weighing around 1195 - 1260g, these bats feel much lighter in the pickup. This is due to their innovative design, which utilizes high-quality materials, including premium-grade English willow. The bats are crafted precisely, keeping in mind the optimal weight distribution required to provide the best possible perform


Amar checked the ping on the bats using a brand-new pink ball. After tapping the bat several times with the ball, he couldn't help but be impressed by the phenomenal ping the bats produced. This ping, an indicator of the bat's responsiveness and sweet spot, was consistent and satisfying to the ear.

In this video, Amar reviews six MRF Genius Chase Masters cricket bats, which have minor grain count and weight variations despite being nearly identical. These variations in grain count are due to the use of willow sourced from other clefts of wood. However, when it comes to performance, these bats are unparalleled.

The MRF Genius Chase Masters cricket bat is an excellent choice for any player who wants to take their game to the next level, with its superior design and quality that provides an exceptional balance between weight, comfort, and power.

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