McGrath Changes Cricket Shoes after Taking a Wicket

Posted by jason mellet on 22nd Sep 2015

McGrath Changes Cricket Shoes after Taking a Wicket

Cricket fans love the minutiae of the game. Those nitty gritty details that nobody else seems to remember. Well here is one for you.

McGrath Changes Cricket Shoes after Taking a Wicket

Firstly, when Glenn McGrath took his 500th Test Wicket, do you remember what brand of cricket shoes he was wearing?

It would probably take you a few guesses to find out that Glenn McGrath's footwear at the time was sponsored by PONY. One suspects that these were a comfortable pair of PONY athletic boots that McGrath had chosen and had soled in the good old fashioned cricket shoes way.

Well, McGrath snared his 500th test wicket that of English opening batsman Marcus Trescothick, Michael Kasprowicz came charging on to the field with a change of shoes for McGrath. It was quite a strange sight, particularly as McGrath snared Trescothick with the first ball after tea.

The boots though were the perfect accolade, they had Gold emblazoned on the side and were branded PONY 500.

Glenn McGrath did not retire that long ago and nevertheless cricket shoes have developed perhaps even faster than cricket bats. Gigantic athletics brands like adidas and New Balance have rejuvenated and galvanized the cricket shoe market in a massive way.

Cricket shoes are no longer boots. Fast bowlers have plenty options when it comes to a shoe with slightly higher top for better ankle support but in a much lighter shoe with so much more comfort.

Cricketers will tell you that comfort and grip are the two biggest things to look for in a cricket shoe. New Balance and Adidas have wide ranges to suit multiple playing surfaces and of course to suit multiple disciplines of cricket, whether batting, bowling or fielding. Of course all of them have superb control and comfort. There are more pro's wearing adidas and New Balance cricket shoes than any other cricket shoe on the market. Cricket shoes in the US are best priced and best stocked at Cricket Store Online.

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