Masuri Stem Guard

Posted by jason mellet on 23rd Jun 2015

Masuri Stem Guard

The death of Phillip Hughes shook the cricketing fraternity to its core. After world cricket mourned and paid their respects to a precocious cricketing talent who would have undoubtedly gone a very long way, it was time to work out a way to improve the protective gear.The Masuri Stem Guard does just that.

As we all know, the area where Phillip Hughes was hit was not protected at all. He was hit in an area that would have been left unprotected no matter the helmet. It was undeniable though that major cricketing brands had to find a solution to better protect the Stem of a cricketers head when batting.

Irish cricketer John Mooney was possibly first out of the blocks. His was a homemade design of a second grille attached to the back of the helmet. Not ideal but it definitely served its purpose. Masuri were the first big helmet manufacturing brands to produce a more streamline and marketable product.

The Masuri Stem Guard. The guard attaches to all of their latest Vision Series Helmets. These guards are lightweight and will not add any additional strain on the batsman. It also in no way hampers the batsman from playing any type of shot, in fact for the batsman it literally feels like it is not even there. The Stem Guard is priced separately from the helmets. Many people think that the Masuri Vision Series cricket Helmets automatically come with the Stem Guard but this is not the case.

It is very fairly priced at around $59.99 from top retailers like This is by no means a knee-jerk reaction from Masuri, much research has gone into the product that it offers an uncompromising level of batting safety and still gives the batsman a huge degree of comfort.