​Kookaburra Midas Cricket Bat

Posted by jason mellet on 25th Feb 2014

​Kookaburra Midas Cricket Bat

Kookaburra Midas Cricket Bat

The Kookaburra Midas Cricket Bat is available in a range of grades and prices, so you can find just the bat for your needs. Don’t forget to check out these other cricket brands for your cricket bat and other cricket equipment needs: Gray Nicolls, Gunn and Moore, Slazenger Cricket, Hammer cricket and Adidas Cricket.

The Kookaburra Midas cricket bat is great for a range of cricket players. Its standard shape is not too low and not too high, allowing the Midas to be a playable bat for a wide range of shots.

Kookaburra Midas cricket bat

In terms of sweet spot, the Kookaburra Midas cricket bat has a long and thin medium sweet spot. With significant concaving and a very high spine, the sweet spot on Kookaburra’s Midas bat extends through the middle of the bat.

Along with the high spine, Kookaburra’s Midas cricket bat features thick edges and a curved face. For extra toe protection, Kookaburra has included a toe guard on the Midas bats.

Each of the Kookaburra Midas 2013 bats features a round handle with extreme grip and is very comfortable in hand. Just as with all Kookaburra cricket equipment, the decals, labels, and color scheme are top-quality. The Midas bat has a striking gold and black design.

As I mentioned before, Kookaburra bats has made its Midas bat available in a range of grades and prices. The main difference between the grades is the English willow used. The cheapest bats are made with grade 3 English willow, and the most expensive are made with grade 1. Kookaburra Midas bats of all grades are available in weights ranging from 2:9 to 2:12.

Check out your cricket store for this bat and other great Kookaburra cricket equipment. Don’t forget to take a look at these other top brands as well: Gray Nicolls, Gunn and Moore, Slazenger Cricket, Hammer Cricket and Adidas Cricket.

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