Kookaburra Menace

Posted by jason mellet on 17th Feb 2015

Kookaburra Menace

Kookaburra Menace

If you are a big hitter of the cricket ball and are looking for a cricket bat to compliment your big hitting antics, then you need not look further than the Kookaburra Menace cricket bat. The Kookaburra Menace model that is optimum for a big hitting game is the Kookaburra Menace PRO 903 cricket bat. If you are looking for proof that the Kookaburra Menace is a bat with superlative power then Glenn Maxwell would be the place to look. The hard hitting and fast scoring Australian batsman is a user of the Kookaburra Menace PRO 903 cricket bat.

The bat has some striking features along with some very simple ones, all these features are with the mind to produce a compact. easy-to-handle but high power, run scoring weapon.

For starters when you lift the Kookaburra Menace you will notice that it is a lightweight cricket bat. It comes in the 2lb6oz to 2lbs9oz range. This is lighter than many of the other Kookaburra bats on the market. This may be to the benefit of batsmen who are of the Glenn Maxwell or Virat Kohli ilk. Batsmen who use incredible bat speed through the ball will benefit greatly from the slight dip in weight on the Kookaburra Menace.

Another factor on this bat is the slightly rounded face. The rounded face gives the bat what Kookaburra likes to call Dynamic Power. The Dynamic Power on the blade is again to the advantage of batsmen who are looking to score runs quickly. The handle is perfectly round and is a 12-piece handle. The X-treme grip is also a superb piece of cricketing engineering. The grip gives the bat a superb feel and also a high level of comfort. It also absorbs any minimal amount of vibration that may be felt.

The Kookaburra Menace is certainly a bat for a player that is looking to maximize his shots in limited overs cricket.

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