Kookaburra Kahuna Lite Cricket Bat 2016

Posted by jason mellet on 19th May 2016

Kookaburra Kahuna Lite Cricket Bat 2016

Kookaburra Kahuna Lite Cricket Bat 2016

The Kookaburra Kahuna Lite Cricket Bat is a fantastic cricket bat, here are more details on this 2016 cricket bat.


The Kookaburra Kahuna Lite Cricket Bat is made from English Willow. Kookaburra have been extremely fair on their willow grading with all their bats as such they have given this cricket bat a Grade 4 grading on the willow.


This cricket bat has absolutely superb edges. They are big square edges that range in width from 36mm to 40mm. The big square edges not only effect how the ball plays off the edge but also ensures a really perfect sweet spot to the bat as well.


The flat power plus face of the Kookaburra Kahuna Lite for 2016 imparts maximum power into every shot.


Kookaburra has gone for a rounded handle. The rounded handle made out of premium cane. The rounded handle provides the batsman with great comfort and control.


The weight of the Kookaburra Kahuna is 2lb6-8oz. Aside from the lightweight for the amount of willow on this cricket bat, it has a fantastic pick up and weight distribution. The batsman can really have an easy swing through the ball and meet the ball with maximum speed.


Another thing to celebrate with the Kookaburra Kahuna Lite for 2016 is the price. This cricket bat is priced at a bargain and is extremely popular among players in the USA for beginners or for more advanced cricketers as a spare bat or net bat.