Kookaburra Ghost Pro 2022 Cricket Bat- Profile Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 17th Aug 2022

Kookaburra Ghost Pro 2022 Cricket Bat- Profile Review

Kookaburra’s Ghost Pro cricket bat has been a phenomenal success in the past four years. Apart from Kahuna and Beast Pro, Kookaburra’s Ghost Pro also has a dedicated fan base, as Dipesh explains in the video below. He reviews all the bats in detail. Here is his expert review of Kookaburra Ghost Pro 2022.

Kookaburra Ghost Pro 2022

Dipesh explains that all the bats are slightly different in weight because distinct clefts have different weight and moisture content which can vary the bat's weight by a few ounces. Overall, the general profile and specs are similar for all the bats. Here is the detailed review:


Kookaburra Ghost Pro has a traditional profile with slightly mid to low sweet spot, which gives room for dynamic gameplay. Edge thickness averages around 36mm because Kookaburra makes bats with round edges. Dipesh explains that rounded edges make bats prone to breakage and that he is a fan of this philosophy. The bats usually have 9-12 straight and even grains because they are made from grade 1 English willow.

The bat also has a solid ping as Dipesh tries it out with the red and white ball.


Kookaburra has always been excellent at designing their bats. Their stickers and branding have always been top-notch. Dipesh points out the presence of blue color and cold silver color, which provides the feel of a Ghost color combination. The bat feels different from far away, which makes it an attraction when playing on the field.

The bat also has a short semi-oval handle. You can see minor scalloping on the sides of the spine, a height of 64-66mm. The bat also has a square taper toe profile.

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, the bat excels at every aspect, including the wood quality, handle build quality, and even the finishing. Everything feels highly professional, and the handle, which is made from Singapore cane, has cork insertion to absorb shocks during hitting. Dipesh explains that these bats from Kookaburra this year are insane.


You can find more details about the price and specs of these bats on our blog. If you are interested in buying this bat, head to our store!


Watch the video below for a detailed review by Dipesh!