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Kookaburra Fuse Cricket Bat 2017

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Kookaburra have introduced a brand new range of cricket bats for 2017 named the Kookaburra Fuse Cricket Bat. Kookaburra are proud to introduce the Fuse. Unique shaping to the back of the blade allows the 'middle' to be stretched across the bottom of the bat.

Product Details:

Sweet Spot Positioning

The sweet spot position for the Kookaburra Fuse cricket bats is in the perfect mid position. This is about 220mm to 240mm from the toe of the bat. This mid position is of course great for front foot and back foot play. The mid position sweet spot is also versatile for straight bat and horizontal bat cricket shots.

The Weight Range

The weight range of the Kookaburra Fuse Cricket Bats is from 2lbs8oz to about 2lbs10oz. This is incredibly light for the amount of power that is packed into the bat. The weight distribution is superb and the Kookaburra Fuse has very light pick-up for faster bat speed.

The Face Profile

The face profile of the Kookaburra Fuse cricket bats is a dynamic power slightly rounded face profile. The slightly rounded and dynamic power go hand-in-hand, with the slight curvature adding to the power of the Kookaburra Fuse when the bat meets the ball.

The Edge Profile

The edges on the Kookaburra Fuse are also slightly rounded and are very big. The edges are bulky but do not add dead weight to the bat but rather give the bat power all round. The massive bug edge profile allows for the sweet spot to extend all across the bat to the edges and shoulders.

Spine Profile

Kookaburra have pioneered the very popular and very effective super spine profile. The size of the spine profile is between 62mm and 67mm.


The handle of the Kookaburra Fuse cricket bat is the oval powerdrive handle. The oval shaped handle is known to add control and comfort to the batsman. Among top cricketers oval and semi-oval handles have become more popular than rounded handles. The handle is also covered by the unique Kookaburra Vee grip. The vee grip is another elememt of the Kookaburra cricket bat that adds immense comfort and control.

Other Options:

The Kookaburra Fuse cricket bat comes in two options. There is the Kookaburra Fuse 700 cricket bat and the Kookaburra Fuse 250 cricket bat.

The Willow

The Kookaburra Fuse 700 cricket bat is made with premium grade 3 unbleached English Willow.

THe Kookaburra Fuse 250 cricket bat is made with premium grade 5 English Willow

The Sizes

Junior cricketers will be disappointed as the Kookaburra Fuse cricket bats are only available in Short Handle sizes.

Unique elements of the Kookaburra Fuse Cricket Bats

Kookaburra makes many incredible cricket bats so what is unique about the Kookaburra Fuse cricket bat.

As you look at the Kookaburra Fuse cricket bat you can see that the middle sweet spot has been stretched. The stretching has allowed for their to be immense power in the bottom and toe of the bat.

Toe Guard

Toe guard comes fitted as standard on the Kookaburra Fuse cricket bat.

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