Kookaburra Fielding Mitt 2015

Posted by jason mellet on 21st Apr 2015

Kookaburra Fielding Mitt 2015

Kookaburra Fielding Mitt 2015 Cricket players and coaches have for the longest time been carrying baseball mitts in their cricket kit bags for catching the ball when giving fielding practice. This was a great solution for the fielding coach but still in all there was something missing. This is because a baseball and cricket ball differ slightly and therefore a glove made for catching each respective ball, will differ too.

That is why the Kookaburra Fielding Mitt is an essential piece of equipment for cricket fielding coaches to have. The mitt is designed for catching a cricket ball.

The luminous green, Kookaburra Fielding Mitt uses the latest technology and will be a stiff competition glove to the Cricket catching mitt hybrid that was designed by Rawlings with the help of Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke.

The Kookaburra Fielding Mitt is a baseball style mitt and is made to the highest quality standards. This includes the stitching and binding of the mitt. The Kookaburra Fielding Mitt is slightly more compact and lightweight than a full size baseball mitt. One of the best components of this mitt is how the adjustable strap allows the mitt to fit so snugly around the hand of the coach. The snug fit in a cricket fielding mitt is highly important as more often than not, the cricket coach will have his other hand occupied holding the bat. This makes it imperative that the mitt fits without the ball sliding out.

The mitt is also designed with a bigger release zone as again the coach will be giving the ball to the bat with the hand that the mitt is on.

This product is not approved for match use but aside from a coaching aid, the Kookaburra Fielding Mitt can be a great way to teach wicketkeepers and other fielders the basics of fielding without damaging untrained hands. A great purchase for all cricket enthusiasts.

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Kookaburra Fielding Mitt 2015