Kookaburra Big Ghost Cricket Bat 2022- Box Opening and Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 8th Aug 2022

Kookaburra Big Ghost Cricket Bat 2022- Box Opening and Review

The Kookaburra Big Ghost cricket bat reviewed by Dipesh in this video is available at the cricket store online. Dipesh adored how these masterpiece bats were prepared. These are high quality carefully crafted bats with consistent profiles and beautiful designs. While admiring the design philosophy, he said kookaburra is the best cricket brand he has seen in terms of design.

Key Specs of Kookaburra Big Ghost

-They all have counterbalanced semi-oval grip handles.

Round Edge Profile.

Rounded Face Profile

Tapered Toe Profile

66-68mm Spine height

1-2mm Scallop

-Sweet Spot; approx. 210mm to 230mm from the toe

Edge Thickness; approx. 38mm to 40mm

Kookaburra Big Ghost Cricket Bat 2022

Dipesh, while reviewing these bats, was blown away. He loves branding and stickers. These Bats come in a lovely blue signature Ghost color with a hint of reddish-orange, which says “Huge power profile” on it, which is evident as these are ginormous extensive profile cricket bats.

Kookaburra Big Ghost is designed for power hitters. These have a similar profile as the ghost series in the same Kookaburra lineup with a lower mid-sweet spot. The spine does not go all the way down, approximately 3” above.

Handle and pickup

These bat does come with a different design approach. A big semi-oval shape with the top being a little bit slimmer. You feel some weight down the bat, as these are designed to take the ball out of the circle. To balance this a little bit, they have a big countertop knob. They do pick up nicely. Dipesh said that those people who are power hitters should get this bat and try out another grip play.

Design Philosophy and Profile

These bats come with a great plain and excellent finishing. This Big Ghost is a bigger profile bat as its name. This full-blade bat has an edge thickness of around 38mm to 40mm, which is above the average size. The spine goes all the way down from 66mm - 68mm little above the toe, unlike The Big Kahuna. It has a round edge profile, rounded face profile, and a tapered toe with a guard.

Ping Profile

These bats ping exceptionally well, even if some are low-grain bats. The bats' grains range between 4-8 grains, and they all ping amazing. Dipesh, when admiring the ping of these bats, expressed that these bats are examples of breaking the myth that low grains don’t ping well. He further said these bats are beast and beauty at the same time.

It is to note that Big Ghost 1.0 to Big Ghost 6.0 are the same bats with different English Willow grade. All the Big Ghost bats in the video are same in terms of profile and design. The only difference is in the aesthetic appearance of the willow. Some of these bats have red hardwood with a little blemish on the side, but that is not a problem as their ping is superb.


These are bats for those who like to hit and clear the 30-yard circle in power play. You can now easily buy these excellent cricket bats online at Cricket Store Online.


For more details, see the video below!