Kookaburra Beast 3.1 Cricket Bat 2022 - Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 25th Oct 2022

Kookaburra Beast 3.1 Cricket Bat 2022 - Review

In this video, Amar shah from CricMax reviews the latest bat from kookaburra called “Kookaburra Beast 3.1.” The bat is ideal for players looking for a lightweight cricket bat with amazing performance and quality. So, if you are a batsman shifting from a junior cricket bat to an adult cricket bat, Kookaburra Beast 3.1 will be your best choice.

Kookaburra Beast 3.1 Cricket Bat 2022

Amar reviews three kookaburra bats in this video. Their specs are mentioned below!

Profile and Appearance

Kookaburra Beats 3.1 are full-profile cricket bats made with quality grade 3 English willow. The bats have an exceptionally clean front face with 6 straight and even grains.The bats are 106mm wide having an edge thickness varying from 35mm to 38mm. The sweet spot lies in the mid to low section of the bat allowing the batsman to play drives and lofted shots easily. The Quality and texture of the stickers are ideal, as expected from kookaburra’s bats. Amar praised kookaburra for the stickers and for making the bat aesthetically excellent. The stickers have a good texture with a feel like a 3D effect. The bats also have the toe guard fitted in already. So, they are ready to use as soon as you get them.

Handle and Weight

Kookaburra Beast 3.1 has a light pick-up and weighs about 2lb 7oz, which is ideal for players who like to use their wrists more while playing. The bat comes with a medium to thick oval handle with an off-counter balancing knob on the top assisting in the lighter pickup of the bat. The handles also have a semi-round camber with a silicon grip upon them for better shock absorption while playing shots.


Amar checked the ping on these bats with a white ball. The bat pings exceptionally well for a grade three cricket bat. The ball bounces off as soon as it touches the bat's surface.


Amar reviews three Kookaburra Beast 3.1 in this video. All three bats are identical in profile and performance but differ slightly in their grain count. You can buy these fantastic bats at CricketStoreOnline.


For a complete expert review, watch the video below!