Introduction and complete Profile review of SG Liam Xtreme Cricket Bat 2022

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 7th Aug 2022

Introduction and complete Profile review of SG Liam Xtreme Cricket Bat 2022

Amar Shah from the cricket store online in this video reviews the new slot of SG bats called SG LIAM XTREME. The bats come in a full-length black adjustable strap bat cover. Liam Livingstone, a renowned cricketer for the England national team, endorsed and used these high-quality cricket bats named after him. The profile of the bat is much similar to the SG Sunny Tonny, which you can also find on CSO.

The slot contains ten bats, of which Amar reviews three. The performance of these bats in T20is is exceptional and can make the ball fly into the air.

SG Liam Xtreme 2022 Cricket Bat #1.

This SG Liam Xtreme is a full-profile bat made with clean premium grade English willow. These bats will meet your needs if you want a big bat with a light pickup. The bat weighs around 1186g and has a very light pickup with a thick bottom. It feels almost 1 oz lighter due to the mid-profile. These bats have a thicker spine that is very much similar to the SG Ishan Kisan original players' edition bat. The bat contains eight nice and straight grains, making the bat's ping soft.

SG Liam Xtreme 2022 Cricket Bat #2.

The second bat on the list in the video was slightly lighter than the first bat. It almost felt 8-10 g lighter, weighing 1180g. The bat has a slim and round handle. Both top and bottom-hand players can use this type of handle, which favors power hitters. The bat's blade was regular, and the edges were about 40mm thick. The bat contains seven straight grains, making the ping of the bat similar to an International player's bat.

SG Liam Xtreme 2022 Cricket Bat #3.

The third bat Amar reviewed was a bit thicker than the previous bats. This bat made with the finest English willow had an incredible balance, complete profile, and no concavity. The bat contains seven nice and straight grains and weighs 1180g. These are budget bats and are not very expensive. They cost you under 300$. Amar checked the bat's ping with a new white ball and felt a solid ping that could easily throw the ball out of the boundary.


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