Hand Selected Cricket Bats By

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 9th Jan 2018

Hand Selected Cricket Bats By

Cricket Store Online Hand Selects Their Cricket Bats

As a premier supplier of cricket bats in the USA and North America, Cricket Store Online goes to suppliers all over the world to buy cricket bats. It would be far easier to buy the cricket bats and have them shipped without having to go to the factories but Cricket Store Online insists on hand selecting the cricket bats that they sell to their customers.

Why does Cricket Store Online hand select their cricket bats?

There are multiple reasons as to why Cricket Store Online hand selects the cricket bats that they sell.

Here are some of the top reasons:

Quality Cricket Bats

The cricket bats that are hand selected by our buyers are of the best quality that the manufacturers offer. If a manufacturer would be randomly selecting bats for shipping to an overseas buyer there would not be the same diligent care and concern to ensure that every bat is of the best possible quality. Cricket Store Online, on the other hand, can stand by the quality of every cricket bat that they sell because every single one of these bats have been hand selected.

Supplier-Buyer Relationship

Cricket Store Online maintains exclusive relationships with suppliers of cricket bats because Cricket Store Online has personal human relationships with them. This translates into greater value to our customers. Cricket Store Online is given access to product and quality cricket bats that may not be accessible to buyers that are simply having their bats shipped to them.


It is very easy these days to buy an inferior bat from a supplier and have it stickered up with stickers of a great brand. Prices that are too good to be true are often that, too good to be true.

Cricket Store Online goes to the manufacturers and cuts out any intermediate suppliers. This means that you can rest assured that the bats that we sell are as authentic as can be.

New Bats

Being that Cricket Store Online hand selects their cricket bats every year, they are always buying the latest cricket bats on the market. They do not settle for last season's top cricket bats but shop for the best of the best in every major cricket bat, year in and year out.