Hammer Cricket & Star Adil Bhatti

Posted by jason mellet on 30th Oct 2014

Hammer Cricket & Star Adil Bhatti

Hammer Cricket is known to be and up and rising brand on the cricket equipment scene. Great brands are often wielded by great players. Hammer cricket definitely has a star in the making.

Hammer Cricket & Star Adil Bhatti

Playing Malaysia in the ICC WCL Divison 3 Cricket Match, Bhatti strode to the wicket with his Hammer cricket gear with the score on 124/7, a fair spot of bother to say the least, this was with 44 overs having being bowled already. The run-rate was sluggish and the fall of wickets was constant.

Bhatti made a mockery of the think tank that put him at number 9 in the batting order as he smashed an uncomplicated 42 off 21 deliveries using is handcrafted custom made HAMMER Cricket bat. He departed a mere 5.1 overs later but the score was by then a far more respectable 179/8.

On his way to 42 Bhatti cleared the rope on two occasions with two great sixes and elegantly stroked three fours.

Malaysia went on ti win the game by 5 wickets and 10 balls to spare. It is fair to say though, that without the contribution of Hammer superstar Adil Bhatti that margin would have been far bigger.

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