Hammer Combo Thigh Guard 2016

Posted by jason mellet on 18th Aug 2015

Hammer Combo Thigh Guard 2016

Hammer Cricket, you may not have heard of them before in terms of their cricket equipment but you might want to get to know them. Hammer create highly protective cricket gear but where they trounce all others is that there designs are streamlined for the snuggest and most lightweight fit. Basically, pads that give you all the protective power with oodles more comfort. This is what has seen us select the Hammer Combo Thigh Guard as our product of the year in the thigh guard section.

Here is the credentials of the Hammer Combo Thigh Guard. Compare it to what you are using now and you will see why it is the cricket thigh guard of the year for 2015.

Firstly, it could withstand speeds of 100mph. This means that you could feel comfortable facing Shoaib Akhtar and Brett Lee bowling in their prime. That is as good a protection as you will get from any other thigh guard out there. This includes excellent hip protection and superb inner thigh protection.

Mobility, Mobility, Mobility. That is what truly sets the Hammer combo thigh guard apart. The weight on this thigh guard is so feather light and the fit is so snug that it is hard to believe that you are wearing a thigh guard that offers such high quality protection. Mobility is of course key for batsmen when playing their shots and of course running between the wickets.

Watch the video below..

The velcro straps on the  Hammer Combo Thigh Guard are high quality and durable. It is unpleasant to have a good thigh guard with low quality fraying velcro, Hammer have definitely avoided that issue with a high quality finish on the velcro.

With all this high-tech innovation you would expect this thigh guard to be very pricey but it is very fairly priced making it one of our Cricket Products of the Year.