Hammer Beserker Cricket Bat 2014 Review

Posted by Jason Mellet on 19th Dec 2013

Hammer Beserker Cricket Bat 2014 Review

Hammer Beserker RS Cricket Bat 2014 Review 

Just a quick review of the 2014 Hammer Beserker RS Cricket Bat, for you all.

Moving forward from it's original model back in 2012, which was all about big, monster profiles, Hammer has taken this new model down in profile a bit to offer a better balanced, better performing, and in general a better all-round cricket bat. This top cricket bat offers a higher sweetspot, great for those bouncier pitches. You will also find that there is very little concaving on the RS and it has a slight bow for enhanced pick-up.

All models come with an oval handle, scuff sheet, toe guard, and bat cover. They are also handcrafted in England with some of the finest English willow. The current models include the Core, Pro, LE and Platinum edition cricket bats; all of which are available for purchase right here on Cricket Store Online.