Gunn n Moore Purist F2 Original Bat Review

11th Nov 2013

Gunn n Moore Purist F2 Original Bat Review

Gunn & Moore Purist F2 Original LE Cricket Bat Review

Hey guys, just picking up on some reviews for all of you. We're starting to see more of the 2014 ranges coming out so I've decided to do a quick review of the Gunn & Moore Purist F2 Original LE cricket bat. Quickly, let me state that Gunn & Moore has come out with 3 different face shapes this year. You'll see the F2, which is a flat face with max edges. Next, is the F7, which concentrates on maximum power in relation to the weight. And the F4.5, which is a flatter face, slight cambre but doesn't take away from the large edge.

The Gunn & Moore Purist is one of GM's iconic bats from years ago. This new cricket bat is nothing like the old one, besides the color scheme and name, of course. The original LE model that I have here has a nice clean face to it and comes factory pre prepared with a toe guard, scuff sheet, and dry guard. This particular cricket bat has about a 55mm spine and a 41mm edge. It has a low to medium sweetspot and the F2 flat face with what they call a "subtle" bow, but its nearly non-existant. What you'll see is that the bat has a pretty narrow shoulder area, but the spine carries very nicely down the bat and has a thicker toe area. It also pings quite well within its sweetspot. Overall, it is just a fantastic product.

I must say, one of my favorite features of the new 2014 Gunn & Moore cricket bats are the ripple type grips. It just feels incredible in your hands and all of the bats that I have tested have no vibration to them. Check out the best cricket bats on the website, including the new 2014 Gunn & Moore range.