Gunn n Moore Maestro Bat Review

27th Nov 2013

Gunn n Moore Maestro Bat Review

Gunn & Moore Maestro Cricket Bat Review

Hey guys, just a quick review on the Gunn & Moore Maestro cricket bat. You may notice the name from the early 2000's, but this bat is by far a superior product and pick ups really nicely. With a maximum edge of 41mm and maximum swell depth of 63mm the famous GM MAESTRO F2 has come a long way since its last appearance.

The GM Maestro cricket bat is part of the Gunn & Moore F2 series, so it has a slight cambre. The edges have been tapered a bit to help with edge cracks. This top cricket bat comes is different willow grades and sizes, so chances are you can find one that will suit your needs. The cricket bat has a pretty standard middle sweetspot and pings very nicely. It picks up really well and has a nice gm grip on it. Although, the handle seems a bit slimmer than earlier models. GM also pre-prepares there bats with the GM Now process, which includes: “Knocked-in” by the batmaker in-house, DriGuard applied to resist damp and minimize toe swelling, Raw linseed oil applied to reduce cracking and splitting by maintaining the moisture level of the blade,and Clear anti-scuff cover applied to the face and edges to increase blade durability

Just a little more info on the F2 series, from the Gunn & Moore website to help you guys out: GM F Tech Programme