Gully and Cricket Shoes

Posted by jason mellet on 23rd Sep 2015

Gully and Cricket Shoes

Cricket players are well aware of what gully means. Cricket is replete with its own jargon and phrases to describe something that to a non-cricket loving person would be totally incomprehensible. But how many cricket lovers know that there is in fact cricket shoes called "Gully"?

Yes, indeed there are. ASICS, a top athletic brand have a line of extremely high quality cricket shoes. In fact many players who still favor the very high top cricket boot, enjoy ASICS cricket shoes. One of their cricket shoes is named the ASICS Gully. It's name might mistakenly lead people to believe that this is simply a fielders cricket shoe but these shoes are touted by many reputable merchants as a top-of-the-line all-rounders shoe.

ASICS also has a cricket shoe named the ASICS 220 NOT OUT and the 220 NOT OUT ASICS cricket shoes is complimented in the range by another great shoe called the 100 NOT OUT. ASICS have some of the most original names for their cricket footwear but they also have the color and flare to match. Some of the trendiest and funkiest colors, yet there is a need to be careful as some cricket leagues do believe it or not have standard color codes for footwear permitted to be worn by players. At an International level players receive fines for wearing inappropriately colored footwear. One of the more memorable colored cricket shoes, were Faf Du Plessis' pink cricket shoes that he wore for the Pink ODI in Johannesburg.

ASICS is yet another high quality athletics chain that is harnessing the cricket market with their superb products. adidas, Puma and most recently New Balance have really changed the way cricket players think about their footwear. Both of these giant companies have produced highly comfortable cricket shoes at a price that is easily afforded by the average non-professional cricketer.

Cricket players in the USA are also finding New BalancePuma and adidas cricket shoe products more accessible through online retailers like Cricket Store Online that offer wide varieties to the cricket thirsty USA market.

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