Gray Nicolls Vapour 1.3 - 5 Star Cricket Bat - Complete Bat Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 13th Mar 2023

Gray Nicolls Vapour 1.3 - 5 Star Cricket Bat - Complete Bat Review

In this video, Amar Shah reviews the latest addition to the Gray Nicolls bat range, the Gray Nicolls Vapour 1.3 5-Star cricket bats 2023. These hand-crafted bats are made in India and are specially designed for the US market. The bats come with a half cover that protects the bat's blade, a rare feature as most Gray Nicolls bats do not come with a bat cover.

So, here is a quick summary of Amar’s review!

Gray Nicolls Vapour 1.3 5-Star Cricket Bats 2023

Profile and Sweet Spot

The most recent cricket bats from Gray Nicolls, the Vapour 1.3- 5 Star Cricket Bats 2023, are crafted of Grade 1 English Willow, the best willow available. A big striking area with a mid-to-low sweet spot, long sweeping spine, and edges are all features of the bat's complete profile, which gives players a superb combination of power and accuracy.

The rounded Powercurve face of these cricket bats, which provides tremendous power and spin, is one of its most notable characteristics. The bat's elegance is enhanced, and it sticks out from other bats on the market by the natural, clean blade finish. The lower balancing point produces more power and bat speed, and the creative design guarantees a superb pick-up.

Spine Height and Edge Thickness

Large edges that match the spine of Gray Nicolls Vapour 1.3- 5 Star Cricket Bats provide them outstanding balance and stability. A toe guard attached to the bat's square toe provides additional protection. The spine's height on these bats is a distinguishing feature that sets them apart from UK-made bats. The Gray Nicolls Vapour 1.3 bats have a higher spine, which clearly indicates that they are made in India. This spine height is due to the different manufacturing processes and wood selection used by Indian bat makers, resulting in a unique playing experience. UK-made bats, on the other hand, tend to have a lower spine height and a slightly different profile.

Handle and Weight

Gray Nicolls Vapour 1.3 cricket bats have semi-oval handles that offer a comfortable grip and lessen the risk of a wrist injury. The handles are thick and don’t require an extra grip on them. The light sensitivity of the zig-zag grip boosts the player's self-assurance as they play their shots. One drawback of these cricket bats is that because of the distinctive oval shape, even at the top of the handle, people who like to employ a lot of wrist motion in their shots could feel restricted while playing shots. The grip, though, is fantastic while playing drives and pull strokes.

In this video, Amar Shah conducts a comprehensive review of a total of 16 cricket bats, 12 of which are short-handle and 4 are long-blade bats. The short-handle bats have an average weight of approximately 1182 grams, with the lightest bat weighing in at 1152 grams and the heaviest at around 1215 grams. On the other hand, long-blade bats weigh between 1235-1265 grams on the scale. However, despite their weight on the scale, Amar points out that these bats feel much lighter in the pickup due to their exceptional design and quality.

Ping and Grain Count

After testing the bats with a brand-new red cricket ball, Amar was impressed by the phenomenal ping that each of them produced. The ball flew off the blade as soon as it made contact with the bats. In fact, Amar noted that the ping of these bats was almost comparable to that of a player-graded cricket bat, which is quite remarkable. These Gray Nicolls bats have 6 - 9 straight and equidistant grains on them.

In this video, Amar reviews four long blades and 12 short-handle Gray Nicolls Vapour 1.3 5-Star cricket bats. These bats have similar performance and profiles but differ slightly in grain counts and weight. This minor difference is because willow is used from distinct clefts of wood. The Grade 1 English Willow utilized in the bat's manufacture and design guarantees that it is solid and long-lasting while also offering the highest performance possible.

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