Gray Nicolls SuperNova Cricket Bat

Posted by jason mellet on 7th Jun 2016

Gray Nicolls SuperNova Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls SuperNova Cricket Bat

If there was ever a bat that drew attention with its name and its colors, it would be the Gray Nicolls SuperNova for 2016. This is the bat of choice of English opening batsman Alex Hales and it has all the power that a player like Hales so often depends on.


The handle of the Gray Nicolls Super Nova is a semi-oval handle made from the most premium cane available. This handle provides the batsman with ultimate control and absolute comfort.


Complimenting the great handle, the Gray Nicolls SuperNova has a Zone Pro grip. The Zone Pro grip is yet another touch that adds an immense amount of control and feel on the bat. Ultimately the handle and the grip are what aid in a really well controlled bat.

Sweet Spot

The  Gray Nicolls Super Nova bat has a mid to low sweet spot. The mid to low sweet spot allows for a great absolute power hitting zone. While the zone essentially extends throughout the bat, the mid to low section is particularly strong and that is great for player who play well off the front foot. This particular sweet spot setting is great for cricketers in the USA who play on slightly less bouncy surfaces.


The profile of the Gray Nicolls Super Nova has a slight concave. The profile is contoured for a professional pick-up and a super balance and power. Gray Nicolls have done very well to pack a huge amount of power in a very traditional looking bat face, the Gray Nicolls Supernova is a bat for the purists and the T20 blasters.

The senior Gray Nicolls Supernova cricket bats start at about 2lbs8oz with just the one grip. The balance of the bat is such the bat feels a lot lighter.

Aesthetically it is a very pleasing bat with a very hip feel the dark black and deep blue give it a very pop like modern feel that will definitely find favor with young cricketers.

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