Gray Nicolls Oblivion e41 Bat Review

6th Dec 2013

Gray Nicolls Oblivion e41 Bat Review

Gray Nicolls Oblivion e41 Cricket Bat Review

The Gray Nicolls Oblivion e41 cricket bat is ideally suited for front-foot play. This top cricket bat is availble in many models, including the LE and test versions, and weights ranging from 2lb 8oz to 2lb 12oz.

This cricket bat is a fused together version of the oblivion and the more recent e41 bats. It has the edge size and thickness (at 41mm) and flatter face of the GN e41 cricket bat with the mid-low position of the GN oblivion cricket bat. The large edges compliment the light pick up superbly and with a truly unique shape. It also responds very well in the middle with a nice rebound, as well as higher up the bat.

These Gray Nicolls cricket bats come factory pre prepared in the lower grade models, excluding the LE. They also come with Gray Nicolls' new double- textured Zone Grip for excellent control of the blade. The two rings at the top of the grip allow for more top hand play.

The Aesthetics of this cricket bat are also impressive. It is much more subtle in coloring and design then most of the 2014 Gray Nicolls cricket bats. It has a mainstream design with black, white, and gray mirrored coloring.